What makes people choose to buy handmade products?


 A topic that seems to be very easy to write about because I am a big fan of handmade items. However it takes me a lot of time to think. It is not because I don't know what to write, but because I have too much to say. I want to express my words carefully and share with you my own experience as what I thought.

The important thing about why when you and I choose to buy a handmade item is not as easy to imagine as you think even though people keep trying to explain their fascination with little things on social media.

Actually the reason is complicated although the topic question sounds simple. In fact, I talked to many friends and grandmothers who also love handmade things like me, but I was surprised that the reason that they bought it was not the same as mine. So, let’s check it out if you have a reason that matches the reasons I give below.


We all have our own reasons for this passion, for this home-made arts and crafts movement. Please be more open about this as it seems that some people forget it during the discussion . We all buy handmade items for so many different and bizarre reasons:

  1. Some people buy because they feel connected to the seller. They feel like there is an affection between them and the seller, like two friends. When we buy something from an individual who has lots of common characters with you, we feel a strong sense of community.
  2. Some people care about quality the most while none of us do. In their opinions, crafts are superior to ready-made goods, which are considered as unmatched in quality. Some like to enjoy the feeling of using crafts as a small passion. Others openly protested when certain crafts were mass-produced, they might lose their characteristics of handicraft.
  3. It sounds strange but some people who buy handmade products because they believe in using money logically: respect money like themselves
  4. Some buy because they put their emotions on the item. In fact, the purchase is like a tool, or a means to support their love for others. A great support.
  5. Of course, it is impossible to ignore the majority of people who are attracted by the uniqueness, authenticity and feats of handmade items.
  6. Some people like it but can't explain why they like it.
  7. Some people follow the "craft theory", have you heard? People who are crazy about the handmade item and live by that ideology
  8. And a very few believe in all of the above.


But you know what is the best part of all the reasons I listed above? What do you think ? No, there's no such thing as the best reason, and there's no such thing as all right or wrong. So even though the title of the post is “What makes people choose to buy handmade products” but I think what I just wrote here are just a few reasons, there are many.

I just know that my reasons are as good as yours, and hers are as good as his. They are part of this market, right? Simply for whatever reason we continue to support crafts and the people who make it.



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