What Do I Say When I Talk About 'Harry Potter'?

*Disclaimer this is not a review but just my personal experience with this classic children's story during the past few miserable Covid months.

Harry Potter

I set a goal for myself that on the occasion of the epidemic, instead of wasting my time, I will embark on conquering one of the most influential literary monuments of the decade - Harry Potter, in parallel with arduous and painful conquest .

I have to say that Harry Potter is like a math problem sheet for a university exam to me. At first glance, sentences 1, 2, 3 are so easy. I read the first 3 volumes passionately during the time of social isolation. During the 3 months I worked like a tube, all day there were only 2 types of activities: at the beginning suck letters in Harry Potter and courtesy of the thesis at the other end, alternating days for about 2 months. The stories and adventures with the little wizard Harry and his friends are really good, interesting and thrilling. Along with that, I also completed the correct thesis when the social distancing order was removed. When I graduate, I have both a free time to stack. And it is confident that I will finish the whole series tomorrow.

But life is not like a dream, like a math problem sheet. The lower you go, the more potatoes. However, JK Rowling also showed a deeper division when she was gently emotional in the first 3 books of the series, suddenly she pushed the volume of the fourth book: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and 5: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to the top of challenge. Not only long, these 2 books of the series are close to each other, making me shiver in terror like a cowardly Chihuahua! Anyway, I'm trying!!

Harry Potter

Both the volume of the book and the storytelling in the direction of describing the events that I am familiar with made me a bit discouraged. Besides, at the beginning of fourth book, Ms. JK told about the Quidditch World Cup match with too many impressive display. Moreover, the description of the implementation and the content of the match was fragmented and sometimes illogical, making me very impatient to read! So I had to pause for a while before falling into a mysterious situation that if left too long, it was  easy to develop aversion to the work and the author.

This happened once before when I tried my best to force myself to read the worst book of all time, 'On the Runway' by Tony at Morning , just because it was the book my dad bought me. And I wanted to make dad happy?.  Then I wanted to attach that book to an anchor and toss it into the sea! Read through your door! That said, if you don't know someone well, don't be foolish to give them a book :

Returning to the University math problem paper called Harry Potter, the difficulty in front of me and the overwhelming discouragement made me remember that I was not-so-good at math. So I didn't hesitate anymore, temporarily bookmarked a book as thick as 2 bricks and then went to my bookshelf to find something easier to spend (Harry Potter was borrowed from a friend, not bought). So, I got  Princess Diary by Meg Cabot, volume 1, published by Hoa Hoc Tro in the early 2000s, a few pages with broken margins, all the threads, and the words blurred. But that night I read enthusiastically, absorbed in the joy of a true fan of Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo - Princess of Genovia =)))

Harry Potter

Update: I'm still stuck after the Quidditch Cup in Harry's Wizarding World, but in Manhattan where Mia lives, I've read all of them :)))

The lesson to be learned here is that reading the crazy stuff that suits you is likely to produce better psychological effects than the pages of a classic book. Or at least in my case.