'Things I Want To Try In The Popular Series' - : Old Disney Show

I will make a compilation of the delicacies I've always wanted to try once from the position of a player of super good and popular old movies. Disney. The list includes both live-action and animated shows.


Hannah Montana


+ Cheese Jerky by Jackson and Oliver

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Once accidentally spilled cheese sauce on a pile of dried meat, Miley's brother and dog best friend found a legendary dish for life and immediately launched a Cheese Jerky restaurant to compete with kid Rico. Besides, this dish is both weird and delicious and served by 2 guys with a rap song. Just fucking optimize user experience!

+ Breakfast cooked by Robby's father.

Hannah Montana

The scene of the movie mainly takes place in the Malibu beach house, which feels comfortable and familiar. So I really want to be there with Miley, Mr. Jackson and Robby's dad enjoying a traditional breakfast of squeezed orange juice, bacon, fried eggs or cereal and milk. It feels warm to think about :)


Wizard of Waverly Place

+ Alex's Chocolate Party

Wizard of Waverly Place

In an episode of season 1, Alex Russo used elves to cheat through Spanish, she was beaten by Karma because she let the elves bite, leading to a chocolate madness. What happened then became history when Alex literally slid into the chocolate pile :)) When I was a kid, watching this scene was both wasted food and cravings. That kind of chocolate party! From cake, ice cream to chocolate waterfall dipped in strawberries. I can't stand it!!

+ Frozen Yogurt at Harper's part-time shop.

Wizard of Waverly Place

The characteristic of Yogurt in this volume is thick, cold and super colorful blue red purple yellow. Not only the food, but the whole store is super cute, the place to get the yogurt is the cute multicolored cows :)). I wish I could visit and eat frozen yogurt with Alex and Harper!!


Junk food in That's So Raven.

That's So Raven

This is a series that is really active in promoting the 'live is to eat' mindset. The characters all enjoyed eating. Be it giant pizzas, whole sandwiches or nachos, everything looks yummy! There's also a pun included :)) love chissss!


Roast duck purchased from Stevens's store.

Even Stevens

I remember watching Even Stevens when I was a kid, but I couldn't watch it much because it was showing late after bedtime. Including the unforgettable Duck Soup episode because the food looks delicious! Mr. and Mrs. Stevens invited important guests to their home to please, and even hired a personal chef. In the end, the son of the Stevens family (Shia LaBeouf) :)) got into a fight with Chef to the point that he left, so the brothers and sisters had to carefully buy ducks from the shop to feed the customers so as not to be beaten by their mother. Duck meat in the movie looks quite like BBQ chicken wings. The two grandparents, after eating, also complimented the delicious food and complimented the chef with all their words :)) I always wanted to try the fast food duck bought from the store in this episode. Looking juicy spicy and attractive vl!


Taco and Nachos in Kim Possible.

Kim Possible

Bueno Nacho restaurant is where both Kim and Ron work part-time. Nachos in this movie make me wish I could taste it once because looking at the layout of the dish and Ron's reaction every time he picks up a big batch of nachos with cheese and olives, chopped green peppers, he can't stand it. ! Crispy triangular nachos dipped in cheese sauce look amazing! Also, Ron invented Naco (Nachos + Taco = Nacho taco shell with nachos) too!! Wish to eat food at Bueno Nacho once ehe.


Kronk's Stuffed Spinach (The Emperor's New Groove)

The Emperor's New Groove

The original name was Spinach Puffs. This dish has a structure similar to dumpling with a filling stuffed in a fried bread shell made from flour, when Kronk serves it, the cake is still hot and smoky. :)) Bonus Kronk is also my favorite villain. That kind of good villain cooks and does crafts all day, learns squirrel languages, and lets Yzma scream before running to hurt Kuzco :)))


The fat man Choco-mint ice cream in Lilo & Stitch.

Lilo & Stitch

In the series Lilo & Stitch there is an unofficial character but I really like that the fat man with a tan in the shape of a tank top wearing sunglasses looks cute from time to time appearing on the beach or around the island. This man said nothing and always held a Choco-mint flavored ice cream cone that every time he met Lilo and Stitch, the ice cream would fall to the ground without eating. The fat man's face will be dumbfounded and look very funny :))

In general, I like the super random character construction of this series and I want to eat that choco-mint ice cream (or hope the fat man can eat it even once) very much! In addition, because the movie's setting is the island of Hawaii, I want to try all the drinks that appear in the movie. Everything looks delicious! Shaved ice, cocktails, coconut water, or smoothies, etc. I want them!!