The Lessons Are Hidden In Toy Story (1995)

Today I have read the book “Creativity, Inc.” by chance, which was written about how the author built the working culture at Pixar. I have reviewed some movies of Pixar studios such as Up (2008), Soul (2020). Today, we will review first movie that introduced the name of Pixar to the world. It is Toy Story (1995), which was one of the first animated films holding the box office record and setting the very first steps for the animated film genre made by computer instead of paintings as people saw at Disney movies produced in the 1990s.  

About Pixar and the Birth of a Toy Story (1995)

Toy Story - 1995

Credit : Toy Story/Pixar


Pixar is created by Steve Jobs and Disney, so we don't need to talk too much about this character anymore. The founder of the company was Ed Catmull, Doctor of Computer Science, who dreamed of making a computer-animated movie for 20 years. When he was studying at university, he has attached himself to the computer, researching how to take vivid, and realistic photos. He once presented his ideas at Disney and was ridiculed by the most veteran animators in the world's top animation studios because they considered it impossible. But the success of Toy Story in 1995 was the answer for his tireless efforts, through all the days of Steve Job self-invested his money to make movies.

Come back to the “Toy Story - 1995”, I will review the way I did review Up (2008) and Soul (2020), which is of the lessons I learned after watching this movie.

Feel through, if you've seen the latest Pixar movies, "Toy Story" will be a bit immature in its "image" , the image of Toy Story is not sharp and smooth, and the colors are not as vivid as Soul. In references to the content, it's not like that Up, Coco, Soul, Inside Out, Nemo.  For these movies I often want to cry when I finish watching them. And Toy Story is also good and very suitable for children This is the beginning, which also demonstrates Pixar's unlimited creativity and self-satisfaction. However, “Toy Story 1995” also has also had its value showing that content is king. The original Pixar film crew once had an error in film presentation, when the projected film lost color. The movie became black and white, but it still impressed the hearts of the audience. From that moment, they understood that investment in technology has been indispensable, but the plot content is their priority.

Pixar offers a perspective on the creative world of childhood, which is the story of Andy's toys. But the toy also had feelings of love and hate. On every birthday and Christmas, they sit together and worry about when Andy would have new toys, would they still have value?. Sometimes, they got thrown in the trash. The protagonist of Toy Story was the wooden cowboy named Woody, who was Andy's favorite toy that he always carried with him. On Andy's early birthday before the boy's family moved, Andy was given a new toy that was very popular at the time. It was a superhero named Buzz Lightyear. After that, Andy also gradually replaced pictures, posters, drawings, blankets in the room with pictures of Buzz Lightyear. Woody became jealous of his new friend. The trouble started when Woody tried to push Buzz down the table, and Buzz was unfortunately thrown out the window and he fallen into the garden. After some troubles, Woody and Buzz were fallen into the hands of neighbor boy named Sid, who had a hobby of taking apart toys to make horror items. Woody and Buzz who did not like each other had to find a way back to Andy before his family moved out, and over time they became close friends.

Lessons about envy and comparison

Toy Story - 1995

Credit : Toy Story/Pixar


This is the best lesson on the movie, clearly shown via Woody. From the fear of being abandoned by Andy to jealousy to Buzz , it makes Woody "evil" and start doing bad things. Woody intentionally dropped the ball on the table slot, then ran to Buzz for help and pushed Buzz with the remote control car.

There's a movie that I think that it is probably very common in life. When Woody compared himself to Buzz, Woody always looked at his weak points and talked about Buzz with the most modern features. And then he hastily concluded that it is understandable that Andy loved Buzz more. Woody did not know that, in the house over there, Andy was still sleeping with Woody's cowboy hat and he was still missing him. In general, the feelings of a person, especially a child, cannot be measured or compared. Overcoming the evil of envy, it was Woody who called for the toys in Sid's room to save Buzz, who is being mounted with a rocket by Sid, and going to be exploded. And it was Woody who never left Buzz behind, no matter how dire the situation was.

Know who you are

Toy Story - 1995

Credit : Toy Story/Pixar


“You are a toy!” - Woody

This was what Woody told Buzz over and over again when Buzz constantly thought of himself as a galactic superman who could  fly and blast objects around with lasers. Until Buzz stumbled across a toy commercial advertisement on TV and he realized that he was just a mass-produced plastic toy in Taiwan. He couldn’t fly, he couldn’t be superman, he couldn’t protect the galaxy.  Buzz tried to fly through the window from the stairs but then fell to the floor and his arm was broken. That was the moment when the hero's dream was shattered. Buzz became depressed of wanting to do nothing.

Although Woody was an old toy and he was jealous, but ultimately Woody understood who he was. And the fear of being replaced by Buzz also came from that understanding. Personal awareness, understanding our limitations, knowing that we are not perfect to fill those gaps with our teammates is what leads us to success.

We need good friends and no one is left behind

Toy Story - 1995

Credit : Toy Story/Pixar


Friendship is a throughout and prominent theme in the toy story, embellished with music in the film. Randy Newman's music from "Toy Story 1995" was nominated for the 1996 Academy Award for Best Original Score with theme lyrics:

“And as the years go by

Our friendship will never die

You're gonna see it's our destiny

You've got a friend in me."

Toy Story Theme song

The magic in the friendship between Woody and Buzz showed when they knew how to change the feeling of hate into the feeling of friendship, to go through the hardest times together, and escape Sid's horror room together, and fly together in an exploding Rocket. Then Woody needed the help of Sid's toys to teach Sid a lesson of not destroying toys. Or it was how Andy's group of toys helps Woody and Buzz get into the car. In addition, at the beginning of the film, there wasd a very small detail about Andy's plastic soldier team, unfortunately during the mission, Andy's mother stepped on it, an injured soldier and the leader said to each other.

“A good soldier never leaves a man behind!” Sergeant

And throughout the entire runaway story, none of a single toy is left behind. The message of friendship and solidarity was fully portrayed by Toy Story.

Don't judge others by their appearance

Toy Story - 1995

Credit : Toy Story/Pixar


This lesson is learned by Woody. Many horror-shaped toys were in Sid's room when Sid disassembled the head of one and installed the other. When the horror toys surrounded Buzz, Woody thought that they were bullying Buzz but then he found out they were trying to fix Buzz's arm, and then these friends helped Woody and Buzz a lot.

At this point, I thought, the movie would turned 180 degrees that Sid was not a boy who was cruel to toys, but he was just a creative boy who liked to invent useful robots. But no, this lead us to lesson 5.

Lessons for young children: be creative but need to take care of toys

Toy Story - 1995

Credit : Toy Story/Pixar


In Toy Story, three models of children are given. A very good and gentle kid, who always carried 1-2 favorite items with him like Andy. There was a sister who loved dolls, partying with pink toys like the sister of Sid. And there was a boy who liked playing with dynamite, chop his head, and assembled miscellaneous things like Sid. By nature, it is not true to say that Sid was a naughty child, although the image was quite "evil" based on the evil character in a Pixar movie. Sid was the type of kid who loved to explore, to experiment, to invent. But anyway, toys also had a "soul". Through Sid, Pixar sent a lesson to the children that is "Take care of the toys"

We can always be replaced

Toy Story - 1995

Credit : Toy Story/Pixar


On every Christmas, or on Andy's birthday, the toys sat back and worried about whether they would be forgotten or sent to the landfill when Andy did not need them anymore. Everyone was nervous at first when Buzz showed up and at the end of the movie, Buzz joined Andy's Christmas gift opening.

I will consider whether to continue watching Toy Story 2, 3, 4 or not because it will inevitably move towards a sad ending for Woody and other toys. Because Andy is going to grow up, he can't be the boy who can take Woody everywhere. But sometimes there are things we cannot change. We grab, fight, try, but then we also need to accept.

Be Flexible, Improvise



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