Secret Russian Cartoon "Masha And The Bear"

Masha and the Bear

The Sputnik reporter visited the Moscow studio Animaccord to personally witness the creation of the characters in the famous Russian animated film "Masha and the Bear", which is loved by children all over the world.

Children's animated series about the adventures of naughty Masha and her friend Bear, inspired by the Russian fairy tale of the same name, came to a young audience about 10 years ago. The film quickly gained popularity among Russian audiences, and in the following years, its fame extended beyond the country's borders, becoming internationally well-known movie and one of the most successful projects in the world animation history.

During a visit to the “Animaccord” studio, where “Masha and the Bear” was created, Sputnik got acquainted with the details of the animation process.

The work on each episode of the cartoon starts from the story on paper, that was, from the script. Mr Oleg Kuzovkov has been the author of the series and the author of the animated screenplays.

“The script contains a detailed description of the episode, some visual links, and sometimes includes some sketches that we discussed during preparation” — film director Ms Natalia Malguna like. She says that creating the script is the hardest part of the whole process.

Masha and the Bear

The next step was to layer the storyboard, create the theme graphic, and bring it was enliven in its simplest form. This background animation was the basis for the work of animators. The script (program file) added to the storyboard the characters' voices, which were previously recorded, as well as the accompaniment.

The next stage was to create 3D drawings and made the characters move.

“Each detail in this work has 5-6 animators working”, – explained the director.

As soon as the animation process was completed, it was time to render, i.e. work meticulously with the animated episodes, giving it bright colors, adding light and or darkening.

When the episode was done, it was added with special sound effects, like footsteps, clapping and so on. And finally, right after dubbing, we have the finished episode. Unlike the Russian accent, which was recorded at the beginning of the process, the transcription into a foreign language was done when the video sequence is ready.

Masha and the Bear

Animation and rendering was a long process. For example, the work on the 7-minute episode took up to nine months of painstaking work. Typically, the studio worked on four films simultaneously.

All the efforts of the animators were worth it. The movie "Masha and the Bear" was so popular that no cartoon in the country dares to dream of it. The episode titled "Masha and porridge" was ranked 4th among the animated series with the highest traffic (more than 3 billion hits). “Masha and the Bear” has been translated into more than 35 languages ​​and has been on broadcast in more than 100 countries.

According to the director of the animated series, the reason for the success of "Masha and the Bear" has been the "coordinated work of the whole team: director, animator, supervisor, composer and actor... And of course, the language of this cartoon has been universal and does not require complicated translation.”