Personalized Name Jewelry • Tiny Name Necklace

I bought this little necklace for my girlfriend, Jordan. When I received the delivery, the product was even better than my expectation. It was simple but very elegant. My honey likes jewelry but she is not interested in fancy necklaces so that I was carefully browsing all the shopping mall to find what was best fitted her. It was not an easy task at all, considering her favors that it has to be minimal but pretty. Finally, I decided to give her a 19-inches Rose Gold chain which I think it will be an elegant jewelry for her skin tone among other options.

When I gave it to her, she absolutely loved it, especially when it was personalized with her name on it. Seeing her wearing that, I believe that I made the good choice for her as she was really happy and absolutely love the necklace.

Name Jewelry

Name Jewelry



Upon her gratitude, I think it looks quite similar to the advertised image – quite small and fragile, but actually not fragile at all. It is a great gift, of high quality and a reasonable price that is suitable for being a surprised mini-present which you can cheer a woman on a cloudy day.

One thing I love is that the necklace is hand-made and the staff showed you all options, whether to pick lower or uppercase, so I could choose my favorite style as well. The charm is not quite big, in comparison with the chain, and we could see a bit close to fully see the name on the charm. For the chain length, it’s a bit tricky to get the suitable length so I would recommend you to take a bigger length, just in case. Briefly, I love your craftsmanship. Whatever you do, keep it up with your high quality, Kate.

Moreover, the seller made the necklace immediately upon the order. As they put passion and love into crafting, I am glad that they don’t make a whole bunch of necklaces with common name. I can see my necklace is brand new and I got my necklace after 6 days only. They also put the necklace into a cute little white box as well, so I can put one short note into the box. Then I don’t have to think about the wrapping and I can give directly the box to her.

It’s a perfect little gift for my sister and my mom in the future, especially they love personalized accessories. I think I will continue support Kate in the future.