My favorite linen pants in the closet. Very cool and conformable pants for hot summer days

I found this shop while I was wandering through all the shopping site to buy some summer clothes. The shop caught my attention and I bought one linen pant Palermo from here. In the photo, the style looks quite simple and basic. This is the style I always preferred. When I received the package, it was in the promised time. Therefore, I got nothing to complain about the style and the delivery.

The pants came in solid grey, with no pattern. It felt cool and smooth touching the fabric. The elasticity was under the expected range, especially in the thigh. It was comfortable around the thigh part. It was not tight at all, even when sitting or laying down. I could do a small run as well. In general, it was comfortable. However, it was a little bit tight in the waist area. Two side pocket was big enough to put the phone in and it was also easy to reach out.

About the sewing, I could see the skillful sewing techniques in the product. It is solidly made and the sewing line was strong and solid. There was no excessive or redundant sewing because the thread was cut perfectly.  I was a bit afraid since I knew it was hand-made. But about sewing, it was really better than I expected. Praises to you for carefully making each pant.

linen pants

linen pants



I picked the size S after discussing it with the shop. The height fited perfectly, but again; it is a bit tight around the waist. The look was classy and gorgeous. There are a variety of combination outfits wearing this linen. The trousers were clearly made for summer. I love the sweat-absorbent of the trousers. I wear it on hot days. One more thing that I got to mention is that the linen is easy to wrinkle. However, these trousers were less wrinkly than I expected. I think the materials are of high quality.

About the price, It was not really cheap when I believe there are many cheaper pants on the market. However, for hand-made pants, I think the price is acceptable. So, in conclusion, I think the shop made some great quality linen pants. The style is simple but pretty. Worth buying.