More Than 10 Best Educational Movies For Kids

Every parent always wants their child to receive the best physical development and education. Children are also the top priority in all countries, as the potential for the future development of the country. A child's brain development depends not only on the amount of knowledge that child receives through books, going to school, but also greatly influenced by playing time with friends and partly through communication channels mass media like movies.

Educational films have an approach and communication way that is very suitable for young ages, bringing many diverse lessons to children both in terms of content and vivid images. Therefore, movies are indispensable parts of children's character formation, thinking and learning to approach society.

Educational films contribute to the development of children's mental health and social exploration skills

Educational films have an easy to understand way of conveying and carrying profound messages and life lessons. Since our country is kids first, educational filmmakers for kids want to give their best to your child too. So do not be too strict in controlling children's movie viewing. Try softer methods of setting movie time frames, choosing movies that are age-appropriate and even better if you can watch them together.

Here we will introduce to you more than 10 best movies for children, let's take a look:


Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo

When it is released , Fiding Nemo has been a huge hit worldwide, achieving the box office for the next several weeks.

The film is iconic and one of the pioneers in a new style of animation for all ages. The film tells the story of his son Nemo who is accidentally taken to a dentist's aquarium; and from here on the father's journey overcoming countless obstacles to bring his child home begins.

Fiding Nemo conveys the affection between father and son, the parenting process and the relationship between father and son, the father's advice for Nemo is no different from real life. What lurking dangers will happen if children do not listen to the advice of their parents and the boundless love of their parents for their children.

Nemo's father's journey to find his son is also a lesson in friendship, where friends are not perfect but are always by our side when we need them most. The story of people who never give up difficulties and adversities and the happy ending teach children that if they try to strive and overcome challenges, they will get the best things back, the happiest thing is a happy family full of members.

The film is suitable for children who can read, about 5 years old and up.




Personally, I think that Babe is not only a suitable movie for children but also for many adults who are having trouble in determining the direction of life. The funny, poignant film revolves around a little pig on a farm with other animal friends, and one day his life takes an unexpected turn.

The film makes people love the innocence and purity of the pig, his utmost enthusiasm for his work, even though this job is not originally for him. And the good results for him make us all happy, as happy as a friend of mine has achieved success.

Babe teaches children lessons about honesty, calmness, and staying true to themselves and what they believe in. Believing in our own abilities gives us the confidence to try new things which the world insists on telling us it's "not meant for you". Be enthusiastic about the path you have chosen and the sweet fruit will one day come, don't be discouraged.

The movie is for children 5 years old and up, suitable for a movie session with parents and children.


The Story of Mankind

The Story of Mankind

A typical educational film, simple and receptive, but orientation of the movie is for children slightly older than the age of 5.

The Story of Mankind takes young audiences on a journey to the origin of the universe, of humanity, through witnessing civilizations flourish from the earliest days.

Great images, attached to reality, children can better understand what you or books convey through these videos. Most of the innovations in human history are mentioned in movies, which you can watch with your children and explain more to them.

The film as a first lesson in human history, for children 8-10 years old and above, it is better to watch together and get explanations from parents.


The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music

A classic movie, referring to The Sound of Music, it's also one of the best films of the 20th century. The Sound of Music was released in Asia after that and it still attracts a large fan to follow.

The context of the film revolves around adult people, the idea is not suitable for children. But the message is to stay positive and the bad luck and trouble will pass, making room for the good things to come.

Julie Andrews as Maria is an iconic character on screen, a wonderful character with a strong passion for singing. She befriended with songs that keep away the sadness life brings. She brought her passion for singing to 7 children, 7 little souls to accept and become true child artists. Gradually passion urges, 7 children also had their own tunes that contributed to the beauty of life.

The film is suitable for children from 7 years old and up, the fun, loving music makes the film not only educational, but also improves the mood and inspires very well.


Toy Story Trilogy

Toy Story Trilogy

Toy Story has brought inspiration and passion to millions of people around the world, not only children, but many adults are also fans of this series.

Especially Toy Story 2, the movie takes the toy characters out of the house setting, beyond their comfort zone.

In Toy Story Trilogy, the episode 2 is a very special episode, going beyond the family to the large social environment out there. Children will learn from the movie lessons about loyalty, friendship, and loyalty, cooperation to overcome difficulties. The toys have gone beyond the framework of the family - the house - the safety - to the big world that contains many difficulties but it is also extremely beautiful.

Woody's journey to find his friends, and Woody considers it to be his family. It  teaches children a profound lesson for a human being what is most important. The love between Woody and Buzz is a noble friendship, ready for each other and giving each other the best.

Children from kindergarten and up can already enjoy the movie, it's one of the movies I watch the most.


The Incredibles

The Incredibles

Another blockbuster, with two parts, The Incredibles is one of the best family movies to watch, a great movie for both kids and adults.

The film revolves around a family of 5. Father and mother are superheroes who take on the responsibility of keeping peace for the planet. Three innocent children are trying to balance between life like a normal person and learning to control the powers and superpowers inherited from their parents. The journey to save the lonely world of the father, then supported by the mother, but the two are still in a dangerous situation, then the children also participate. The film teaches children the power of a united, loving family that can change the world, the way family members live and work together.

At the same time, the film also hides the message that those who possess for themselves "super powers", special talents, privileges of money and power should use them responsibly with society people around you. How to use your strengths to help the weak, live a useful life and do many good deeds.

The movie is suitable for children aged 7 and up.


Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory

Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory

Another iconic film, adapted from the famous book by Roald Dahl, the film is set in the sweet factory of Willie Wonka - a passionate, creative confectionery owner. The colorful world of sugary foods completely immerses the viewer in it.

The film revolves around the competition to win the ownership of the production factory of Willie Wonka, the children and their parents do everything to be able to win this prize. Only Charlie, always honest in all circumstances, tries with his own energy to win. While Charlie has plenty of opportunities to do otherwise, the film's enhanced honesty guides children to real life – honesty gets the best results, cheating and harming people. Others will get very bad results.

Children need to be at least 1st grade in order to fully understand the characters' personalities.


Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs

A great movie from Walt Disney, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs is one of those movies that changed the animation industry. Since its release, the film has won countless compliments, fans and prestigious awards. The film conveys the message through a fairy tale, with extremely beautiful and flexible images.

The fairy tale children read in the book will now be viewed on the screen, surely your child will be very excited to see the dwarfs and witches right in front of them, colorfully designed and very beautiful.

Children will learn for the first time what good and evil are. What end will evil lead to, good will make people fall into difficult circumstances, but temporary circumstances will pass, good things always come to those who are honest. Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs are a small family, a family that always takes care of each other, does not abandon each other, even when tribulation occurs.

Children also learn not to trust and listen to strangers through the image of Snow White receiving an apple from the witch.

The film is suitable for children 4 to 5 years old and above.




Moana is filled with messages from the producer to the children, lessons in trusting the heart, believing in yourself on the path to finding happiness. Living honestly and overcoming fear in themselves, both Moana and Maui characters carry that courage, the journey to return the heart also has a metaphorical meaning. Moana learns courage to get out of her comfort zone, Maui learns from Moana, Maui changes for the better.

How one person's true feelings can touch others and change the world.

The movie with great pictures and music, suitable for children aged 10 and above to enjoy.




The colorful film revolves around the child character Sophie and the stunted giant, the film is unusually beautiful, with the image of "dreams" of all colors extremely eye-catching, appealing to young audiences. The sound in the movie is equally attractive, above all great for a children's movie.

BFG is the name of the giant who kidnapped little Sophie. It is a fantasy adventure with little Sophie, a great adventure movie, full of adventure and drama. The film will teach children not to prejudice against people who are not born normal like others, with a strange or ugly appearance.

Every creature, no matter what shapes they are, they still contain a warm heart and friendship always comes from the heart, not the outer appearance. The film also shows how important family is to everyone, the place we all find ways to find it. It also shows how beautiful dreams can always come true if people never give up their faith. in it.

The appropriate age to watch movies is 5.


The Lion King

The Lion King

My whole family loves this movie, we still watch it together every year. The film with great animation and music brings positive inspiration to the viewers. The plot is deep and associated with the lion, the image symbolizing bravery.

Simba - the main character in the film - is described from birth to adulthood. Simba's personality is formed from an early age until he is on the road to find courage, find his family's kingdom.

The film conveys a variety of issues, the love of parents for their children, the friendship between Simba and 2 other friends of the same species, the character's journey to adulthood and finding love.

Children will learn to face fear, that fear is only part of the journey to adulthood, contributing to a brave soul later.

The film is for all audiences, children from first grade and up will be able to understand some of the deep meaning in it.


The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz

It is a fantasy musical film, a legend of the film industry. The film was born a long time ago but it still holds its values ​​to this day.

The movie about a little girl Dorothy's journey to Emerald City is also her dream - an adventure to another world. Yellow Brick Road represents each person's dreams, and her 3 friends represent desires and desires. 4 friends with 4 different purposes, 4 creatures that are not the same, but dreams represent what an ordinary person wants.

The film teaches children lessons about dreams, the determination to pursue their dreams (the image of Yellow Brick Road), the value of friendship built on the foundation of the heart. And the journey on the path of adulthood maintains a courage, an integrity, a discernment that is required.

The film has a profound transmission philosophy, suitable for children from 8 years of age and older as well as adults.



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