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women fashion

Today is Friday. So when you finish your work, you go home and open the closet with full of your clothes to find the best outfit for today's party with friends. However, you can't find something suitable. This is already worn, the other looks too flashy, the other is too fussy, the other is too simple. This story is no longer strange to all girls, right?. I dare to say that every woman has been in this situation and every woman has had a fierce inner struggle. But, please calm down and let's make things to be simpler, but how? Here are a few tips, recommended by experts, which will make it a lot easier to deal with your issue of "what to wear today", so you always look your best on any occasion, or wherever you are going to arrive. These tips you can adjust depending on your taste and fashion style, your body shape and personality. According to the survey, 90% of women are satisfied with these tips after following our instructions.

women fashion

  1. Get rid of old items!

Change begins when you get rid of the old. It helps you to leave a new space and mind for the new things, do it yourself. Girls and their shoes. We will help you to visualize how easy it is to tidy up your accessory storage. Just look around and imagine if it was a fashion store, what would you really want to buy?

It sounds funny, but it's really effective. Then you should try it once. The constant shopping will make your clothes very messy, this problem every woman encounters, the problem is how to solve it.

 If you do not want to be bored every time you open the closet door, make it really neat, sort by color while the color runs from dark to light. What about the old stuff as mentioned in the table of contents? Don't throw them all in the trash, just donate them. Many people need them, so you will be happier and your clothes will continue to create values.

  1. There's a super sale coming! Write down a shopping plan for this event

In your life, you will have to attend important events such as your own wedding, or sad events that require a black suit, certainly each time, it takes a lot of time. Yes, just to find something that "fits".

The trick here is simple, pick up your shopping plan, then look at the items and imagine what kind of event you bring those items.  Then you go shopping, let’s make up and, go to the store.

In addition, there is a thing that most people might forget, the experts recommend that you wear a beautiful underwear when you go shopping. You don't want to expect that the beautiful dress loses its beauty because the underwear seam is exposed under the shin. I'm sure.

  1. Extend the life cycle of the cashmere clothes

Cashmere is a material that is no longer strange to everyone. The fabric is expensive, durable and very beautiful. In fact, the first thing you should do is choose to buy yourself a really high-quality cashmere item, which ranked first.

This quality is handled by each brand differently, so it is possible that you will purchase cashmere items at a high price, which compared to the real value they bring, no one wants this, do they? . However, we have a few tricks for you, so find one that is thickly knitted, then pick it up and stretch it out. If the stretch is good – that is, it is elastic again – then it's a good cashmere item.

Since cashmere is very expensive, be careful in the process of cleaning it. It is best to wash the clothes by hand in cold water, avoid using too strong washing machine and strong detergent.

women fashion

  1. Stretch your new shoes without suffering from foot pain

The eternal problem for women who love shoes, calluses caused by new shoes is a nightmare for women any time they have to wear new shoes, especially high heels.

So have you ever heard of the method of stretching new shoes with the freezer, it sounds strange right? No, this is how the experts know it. Let’s get a few freezer bags, fill them with water, put the bags in your shoes, then put the shoes in the freezer. Remember to leave it overnight, 10 hours is best, you will see the difference as soon as you put your feet in the shoes.

  1. Experience beauty in 30 seconds

Longer is okay, you should give it a try. Choosing the right highlight for the outfit is a bow tie – a bow that suits almost any style of women. Prepare a pair of earrings that match any high heels, yes, they are available. So when needed, you only need 10 seconds to wear them. It is very fast, isn't it?. But I guarantee it's extremely effective.

  1. Don't waste money on jackets that don't fit

When you want to buy jackets, coats and blazers just remember one thing. That's right, just one thing to keep in mind. Buy a shirt that really fits your shoulder, everything else may not fit, you can find a tailor to fix it, but especially for the shoulder, it is very difficult to change, for skilled seamstresses. That's a really, really a hard thing.

women fashion

  1. Principles when wearing revealing clothes

It may sound a bit gross as we live in an open world, but let's be subtle. In fact, it's simple, the main purpose is show off the skin that does not affect the owners. If you wear a deep-cut top to reveal your cleavage, don't combine it with a skirt because that's too short. It's actually counter-productive. It's does mean that showing off every part of your body is sexy. The rule is to keep a little bit of mystery in the costume.

  1. Always a queen

Beauty and health, these two things go hand in hand even if you don't notice it. Pay attention to getting enough sleep, no matter how long your day is and things still can't be finished. Put it aside and enjoy your sleep. Try not to let the work go wrong. Interrupting the time that is supposed to be sleeping.

Do you believe that the quality of sleep affects your beauty a lot, choose the bed material you like best, soft and very warm, silk is a good choice.

  1. Let your clothes do their job

Did you know that some women out there actually simplify the process of choosing their clothes by choosing everything that suits them? That's right, there is nothing mysterious and special here, believe me you can learn their ways easily, you just don't know it yet.

It all starts with you whne you know your body and figure, then choosing clothes and accessories is to highlight your strengths, appropriately. For example, a V-neck will make your body look slimmer, a neutral color lingerie like nude will really make your legs longer, sounding like magic. Learn to accept your body shape, including imperfections, and start choosing clothes that fit your body.

  1. Jeans – those item are difficult to use

Jeans are the "must-have" outfit in their collection. It can't be called a collection without jeans. But it's really hard to find the right balance between matching and fitting, so it's better to buy things that fit, which should come first.

When buying jeans, most will stretch after a few washes, so you should buy a little lower than your standard size. If you are a jeans fanatic, then equip yourself with a glue gun, an indispensable piece of equipment to attach stitches and decorative pieces to your jeans, without spending a lot of money. You can use more denim items or whatever which suit you.

When you bring them back for repair, remember to wash them twice, just polite. And one more thing, the hem lines in your pants should go all the way to the top of the shoes you're wearing, remember.

women fashion

  1. Be aware of stains from makeup and deodorant

These two types of stains are inevitable, they are really difficult to remove. And it is very impolite and aesthetic. You will be likely to get in trouble with them all the time, whether you like it or not. If you get your expensive shirt on it should be treated by washing with warm water, if that doesn't work then try moistening the shirt in water with some detergent. Most dirt will be washed away if you use an oil-based baby wipe.

  1. Dark color fashion accessories

Fashion accessories give you a deep personal impression, sophistication and elegance too, so don't underestimate this. The way you buy and equip accessories will partly tell the opposite person your style.

Most people's clothing is neutral, and they should be neutral. This will lead to a much simpler, more comfortable pairing and matching of accessories. Combined with neutral outfits can be extremely colorful accessories, shopping is also much easier, right?

One more thing, don't be afraid to use accessories with different materials, like an elegant crystal necklace but with feathers, try it out. One thing that sounds strange but very interesting is your buttons, try replacing them with another chain of buttons, this is simple, I bet you are very good at sewing right. Accessories really change an outfit a lot, so try on more.

  1. Scarves Collection

The scarf is both gentle, warm and very luxurious. With a variety of models, sizes, colors and materials, the brand is not to be discussed, depending on your budget only. So you will easily buy yourself the most suitable type, thereby adding to the outfit you wear, looking like an expensive lady.

  1. Do you want to have fun or be miserable when partying at a club

women fashion

It's definitely fun, so try to choose the most comfortable clothes possible, don't try to choose eye-catching clothes and then have to tire of fixing your outfit after every few minutes of dancing, that's not fun. but it's not pretty either.

Start with the shoes that fit your feet and are most comfortable, then gradually work your way up. You can try dancing to make sure everything fits as well as possible, so nothing will slip out while you enjoy the evening. In addition, many women also recommend carrying a bag with a strong chain, for what purpose, so that your hands are free.

  1. What if my budget is not high, it sounds difficult

It's common for women to have trouble with their wallets, I'm trying to control that too, no one knows how much is enough. It's not easy when it comes to planning your purchases, but if you can try a few times, you'll be fine.

Start with a list of items to add to your wardrobe, then fill these lists with items. Next, look for coupons online, from the internet or from previous purchases that you have accumulated.

However, people often make the mistake that they buy everything that "looks cheap", don't buy it because it looks cheap, stick to the category you have up. It's not that just buying cheap stuff means you're saving money, but actually you're falling into the trap of retailers. Remember quality over quantity.

If you doubt whether you should buy that expensive item, if it's genuine, check its lining, if it's really good, don't hesitate to buy it. Branded clothes always have good lining!

  1. Check out every aspect of the outfit

When you try on clothes while shopping, remember to check all angles while looking in the mirror, combined with your phone's video recording and then reviewing it, it's perfect. If you find it comfortable and attractive to look at yourself in the mirror and phone video, other people will feel the same way.

Besides, pay attention to the thinness of the fabric when shopping, because there is no sunlight in the shopping mall, so sometimes when you buy a fabric that is too thin, when you go out during the day, it will become too thin. a see-through suit.

  1. Think Differently

If you only own a single style of clothing in your wardrobe, there will be cases where you will look boring to yourself, any other people will feel the same. For all clothes in general, don't be afraid to try on things that you find really cute but end up not buying thinking "oh that doesn't suit me at all", try it on and you will be amazed. Spend some time practicing different makeup looks, adding a few new colors. It's okay, just try it for fun, but who knows.

  1. Belts – a great assistant for the waist

An outfit with a matching belt is always a great choice. Belts accentuate your figure, your waistline will look much smaller, you look taller thanks to it. Find a way to highlight the belt, simply choose a belt material that is different from the outfit you are wearing, or.

women fashion

  1. Men's clothes – what do you think?

This is no joke, have you tried it? You may not know that men's clothing is extremely comfortable, very strong and comfortable, such as men's suits. Finding the right men's size suit for your body can be a bit difficult, and having to fit will make many of you frustrated. It's not easy, but in return you will feel the femininity mixed with the strong, breaking the way that few people dare to try.

  1. Have a back-up set of clothes in your bags or office locker

Some unfortunate things can happen every day, of course, but no matter how careful you are, everyone has problems like this. So be prepared for any eventuality, a spare is never superfluous, have a classic, button-down white shirt that can go with anything. that. Most people forget that they need a white shirt like that, similar to a bra, so put these two items on your must-buy list soon.

  1. Tailor-made clothes are the best

Nothing compares to the comfort and satisfaction of wearing an outfit that's tailored, tailored, and tailored to fit your figure, which is consulted by qualified professionals, and it is amazing. Find yourself a talented tailor. Although the price for tailor-made clothes is not cheap, but what they bring is completely worth it. Regularly visit your tailor if you are not satisfied with what you bought, you can always fix it up to your liking, making friends with a tailor is the best thing a fashionista can do.

  1. Bag Size

Handbags - the endless passion of every woman, it's never enough, "just one more", but pay attention to choose the right bags and purses. No one wants to carry the same bag to different occasions, so divide it up into three categories – small, medium and large.

Traditional styles are often strong, masculine to extremely luxurious, high-class, any type you can combine with any outfit. Next, pay attention to the type that you use most often, of course because of your use and working needs. They will degrade the fastest, please add to this type, using a rotation of many will make them take longer.

women fashion

  1. Please handle your own luggage

You can't just be lucky enough to meet a few men who are ready to carry your mess at the airport. So pay attention when you need to pack for trips. It should be neat and efficient if you are in a hurry. The way you can find on Youtube to prevent clothes from wrinkling – put your clothes in freezer bags and then, carefully put them in the suitcase. It takes a bit of time, but trust me, it helps your clothes stay neat and clean.

  1. Women should be good at sewing

If you haven't, let’s start studying now. It is to avoid embarrassing situations in the future. If you can't find a class to attend, the slightly harder way is to find some online courses, buy yourself a sewing kit and learn it, just be patient and one day you will be so good at it that you won't accept it. out the clumsy girl yesterday.

  1. Pay more attention to your clothes

Spend more time taking care of your items. First, when buying clothes, pay attention to the laundry instructions on the item, buy yourself some good washing powder, a quality iron.

This list may be flawed, but I believe you can find something on here for yourself, the principle is to master the basics, color schemes for example. Your knowledge and fashion sense will gradually improve, until then you will form yourself a unique but appropriate style, satisfying the aesthetic at the same time.



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