Maybe You Miss This News - Fidget Toys Support Treatment Of Anxiety

Fidget Toys help, not only children, but also adults relieve anxiety. Today we will find out how this small toy has helped many people find a sense of balance again.

Anxiety is popular and widespread disease, not only in adults, but also in children. It is especially dangerous in children - individuals who still do not understand the risk posed by mental illnesses. The feeling of restlessness and tension, anxiety urge us to do small repetitive actions. These actions have the effect of attracting the attention of the subject, reducing the distraction causing anxiety. The typical actions can be: Nail biting, pen twirling, playing with hair or cracking joints.

Children with ADHD or autism are often in a state of anxiety most of the day. This disorder leads to the actions mentioned above – to relieve anxiety. This series of small actions can be harmful to both their mental health and physical health. Biting nails can lead to sores and bleeding, damage to the skin around the nail, infection. The risk of bringing harmful bacteria through the mouth is very large. Bacteria can enter the open wound on the hand through saliva.

These mental illnesses of the era are not uncommon today. They cause trouble and greatly affect the psyche of parents and children. Parents are confused when they can't help their children focus on problems at home, at school or at playground. This is also very common to adults, partly due to the development of society that separates community integration, smartphone addiction, over usage of stimulant, etc.

If an adult knows and understand how to deal with anxiety, jitters and worries by understanding, he would just get up and go for a walk, take a break from work, or chat with friends to restore balance. The problem with children is not so simple. Young minds cannot understand what is going on. They indulge in small habits to relieve this social isolation and restlessness. They indulge in biting nails, spinning hair, spinning pen, ect.

Fidget Toys was created for children to manage their anxiety in a healthy way, without harming their own health. Fidget toys have actually been shown by studies to increase concentration and ability of the user. Moreover, fidget toy is very cheap, easy to use. It is a favorite toy of many children.



So, what exactly are Fidget Toys, in case you don’t know?

fidget toys

Fidget Toys is the name of a new toy that has created a trend among young people in recent years. This is the common name for a variety of small to medium sized toys, most of which can be held in one hand. The toy is very effective to help users relieve stress, anxiety and increase concentration. Fidget Toys are suitable for use by all ages, especially for children.

Manufacturers now have produced countless types of Fidget Toys, all shapes and colors. They are mainly composed of health-friendly artificial materials - of course because this is the type of toy that comes into contact with lots of skin. For example, permanent rubik cube, soft ball, soft magnet, etc.

Fidget Toys, such as fidget spinners is the origin for fidget trend. Fidget spinners are structured as a round-shape ball bearing, surrounded by 3 propellers. It fit on 2 fingers, you can hold and then use another finger to transmit the force to make it rotate continuously. Although the look is not special, the effect it can bring will surprise you.

So really, why are these toys able to reduce my child's stress and anxiety? I need something that really works because anxiety affects my child so badly. He can barely concentrate on any simple task and always wants to move from place to place. He is always changing postures always immerse himself while biting nails. The prolonged condition renders them incapable of learning new things around them.


Fidget Toys increases concentration and short-term focus

When using Fidget Toys, neuroimaging studies have shown that user input transmissions through fingertips, eyes, and ears are actually improved in both hemispheres of the brain. Using Fidget Toys requires the user to use both hemispheres of the brain at the same time, which is the catalyst for increased concentration.

Long-term use will improve the pathology and form the habit of using both hemispheres, greatly enhancing the ability to concentrate and concentrate. Moreover, when concentration is increased, the hormones that increase stress and anxiety are minimized. The actual survey on students who were given stress balls showed that they improved their status very clearly, reflected in the psychological survey that they filled out and their learning results, especially significant results in students with ADHD.

Fidget Toys also has the effect of reducing anxiety before each child's contact with the doctor, or dental check-up or surgery.


fidget toys


Fidget Toys give the mind a rest

Excessive concentration makes children's minds constantly active, causing prolonged fatigue, making them fall into an unconscious state. Fidget Toys is a small distraction that helps children regain interest, relieve stress and give their minds a proper rest.


Calming effect

If your child has ADHD, when stress is expressed, you can clearly see the child's expression through the hands and fingers. They may jerk and have frequent cramps. Those are obvious symptom. In fact, ADHD effects the whole body, especially the immature imagination of children.

Fidgets Toys keeps their hands busy, without biting their nails, which cause quite a bit of annoy as we discussed above.

Some people have asked that: How can Fidget Toys be a distraction for my child who already has ADHD? So, what does it do?” In fact, the movements and gameplay of Fidget Toys have been researched and proven to enhance the user's attention. Repetitive movements and the design make children really focus on the toy, train their brain to concentrate, make them become calmer properly. This is similar to the of movement of the pen as they when rotated.


fidget toys