I've already finished binge-watching season 2. Indeed, the script was still very good, the adventures were fresher, the cinematography and effect were better, and especially the peak performance of David Tennant. No doubt at all, he was voted to be the most favorite Doctor in 50 years. “Uncle” Ten made me forget “Uncle” Nine’s sadness” right from the “great” appearance in episode 1 “The Christmas Invasion”

In this episode, he was almost "struggling" in bed for 2/3 of the movie, even making Rose lose all hope. But after just a few seconds of sudden awakening at the last minute, everyone was shocked and burst with joy. He acted very well. Different from the slightly formal and mature style of Dr. 9, Dr.10 has a very cute weirdness.

Dr Who season 2

He talks "quite" a lot. He is lively and cheerful, sometimes a bit jovial. He has an adventurous temperament and is curious about discovering new lands, new wonders, or strange things (from machines, species, creatures to historical secrets). They are his passion. He also doesn't "dare" to hide his emotions like Dr.9, but his face always shows every emotional state of happiness, anger, childishness, disgust, sadness, excitement, hatred through his eyes, or his facial expression, each body language. They are very seducing in a very honest and very childlike way. (Wow, it's a waste of words, because I also know the talent of all Brattish boys)

I loved the scene where the Sycorax leader invaded Earth and asked who the guy in the pajamas had just appeared. And the answer came in an exclamation in a deep, piercing tone: “I DON'T KNOWWWWWWWWWW!!! ". I was dying laughing

Dr Who season 2


He's also more stylish than Dr.9. At least he has 2 suits to change. One black and one blue suit, going along with a long coat made of sofa fabric. Sometimes he wears a black suit, going with high-neck Converse, He definitely looks handsome! =)

I really love the black-rimmed white glasses that he got to pull out every time he wanted to read something, which just to look “cooler” and “intellectual”. The hair is also cool and in style. Sometimes in aristocratic style, sometimes messy style.  Sometimes the hair is comb into two parts, which are really funny and cute.

But Dr.10 doesn't just grin like Dr.9. He also did very well in the dark scenes. He gradually "revealed" the deep aspects, the deep and humanly sufferings, through a series of meetings with old friends such as reporter Sarah Smith who was his companion. I will mention her in a later analysis. In this part, the screenwriters also reveal a lot of cute but not cheesy hints but cheesy with Rose. It is not just holding hands like with Dr.9 hehe. But don't be too happy, because you still have episode “Doomsday’ ahead of you…huhuhu. I will talk more about my favorite episodes below!

In this season, I really like the way the screenwriter deeply exploits supporting characters like Cassandra. She has a cunning plot air. Another character is Mickey guy who is inherently boring. The plot giving these people a newer life, making them be better people. For example, Cassandra understands and accepts death as a rule of life. Mickey finds himself in a parallel world where his beloved aunt is still alive living. Especially he gets to be a new person: smart, brave, and well-bonded to his family in the shadow of dead Ricky. Because no one keeps the stereotype of a boring and weak Mickey anymore!

Dr Who season 2

I must state that the soundtrack in this series is too good. My favorite soundtrack is Doomsday. I keep the link right next to me so that I can listen to it every time I want to cry. Also, the soundtrack in “The Impossible Planet - The Satan Pit” by Murray Gold is great. It sounds just like a movie soundtrack with the same tragic and epic melody Caribbean Pirates of Hans Zimmer. It is deeply inspiring!

The film also makes a strong impression by the script of very talented writers. What the hell are you smoking when they write this script. It is well-written in every detail, with creativity and unlimited imagination. In addition, they have a sense of wit of a true British. Especially the talent for turning the writer's perspective on political and social events into the script.

The best thing to say is the two-episode series The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit by Matt Jones about an extraordinary planet that is located right at the black hole but has a strange orbit. This is to cover up a dark conspiracy of a demon species that come before time. These two episodes put together are no different from movies. From the script idea, filming, acting, soundtrack, character creation (Satan, the Ood) is all great. This gave me a heart attack while watching

In the episode “Tooth And Claw”, Dr.10 asked if Rose wanted to return to 1979. When Rose asked if there was anything interesting that year, he replied: "It was the year China invaded Vietnam"!!! After listening to it, I was dumbfounded. It turns out that the whole world recognized it as an "invasion" and considered it really a big event. Only Vietnam didn't dare to mention say it. The movie also explains the historical mysteries and unravels them, unleashes the imagination when writing films about Queen Victoria in 1879, and "alluding" to the secret of the Royal "werewolf blood". The movie is sarcastic here and there, creating a deep and funny laugh. But it's still worth thinking about!

Dr Who season 2

In general, there is nothing too special about alien characters. The past two seasons have only been impressing with the Slitheeen in The World War Three episode in Season 1, specializing in getting into human form and often "farting" rudely!!! The Cybermen in “The Rise of Cybermen” is also not so special as the Daleks except for the brutal "manufacturing" of Cybermen by dividing a human brain attached to a steel frame and using a sensor to destroy all its emotions. Such terror!

Oh, and the disgusting “The Wire” that sucks people's faces into TV in Mark Gatiss' episode “The Idiot's Lantern” is also unique. The writing to put the invention of TV into the time of the Coronation Ceremony of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 is also very great and delicate. Remembering the faces that were sucked with nothing left. The face was white, hence it was… so horrible!!! (This is called Sans Visage phenomenon!!!)

About the plot, I like “The Girl In The Fireplace” - written by Mr Steven Moffat because of its very strange and weird idea. Very Moffat of it!. He doesn't like anything too luxurious but goes into details to give viewers new emotions because of crazy but interesting ideas. In this episode, Dr.10 also revealed an emotional and sensitive ego when he decided to break the time gap to save Reinette. At the end of the film when he returns to the 18th century in Paris (just a few seconds after being on the spaceship).  Reinette has passed away. Holding her letter in his hand but he did not dare to read. Only when there was no one around did, he broke the seal to read and shed tears! Why do you have to be so kind, so brave? Why do you have to make every girl fall for you? "Caring is not an advantage," said clearly by Mr. Mycroft Holmes (acted by Mark Gatiss)!

And now I will review the most emotional relationship in this season: none other than Dr.10 and Rose, of course. I started to feel my hands shaking and my eyes watering when I wrote this part.

Dr Who season 2




This feeling is not the feeling of rejecting when Dr.9 leaves but the feeling and love for Rose. Somewhat consoling is that BBC knows this will happen sooner or later so they cleverly prepare for the audience about Rose in “School Reunion” when Dr.10 meets Sarah Jane Smith, a companion of his (back in the form of previous Dr). She is the image of the future Rose - a companion who is "left behind".

In the reunion, Sarah is extremely happy but also extremely disgruntled: “Why did he leave her?” “Why can't they continue traveling together” “Why? And “Why?”.  But the doctor's explanation really touched me, he said because he couldn't get old and he didn't want to be there to witness the moments when the people he loved couldn't resist the law of birth, aging, sickness, and death. They will be continuing to grow old. and die one day.

Maybe that was the common tragedy of Time Lords like him. They seem to have all the time and space, but in the end, they are completely alone. That's why in Season 1, Dr.9 didn't want Rose to follow him at first. All of them did not want to see their companions risk their lives for them. That's why they have to be stronger to protect, to be more distant to not show too many emotions. They have to be more distant to accept the life without family to return and especially, to be more ruthless to say goodbye.

Dr Who season 2

With Rose, she used to be "jealous" of Sarah when Mickey said he was just normal like any other man. But no matter what, they all love Dr. and that feeling is more beautiful than friendship, simply higher than love because it does not expect possession. They really had great moments with Dr. even though they weren't at the same time, they were able to share it with each other. Dr. always has a consistent nature even though it is nearly 1000 years old under 12 shapes and characteristics, but has never changed his good nature to live for people. He didn’t say he loved them all the time, but he was willing to sacrifice his life to save them. He accepts the loneliness in the vastness of the galaxy and only allows companions who will never regret going with him (and surely no one has ever regretted it!). He didn't forget anyone, didn't abandon anyone, he did just what he needed to do when the time came, to avoid hurting them. The most painful part is when Rose is sucked in by the woman The Wire and then Dr.10 looks at her saying: ““In the street. They left her in the street. They took her face and just chucked her out and left her in the street. And as a result, that makes things simple. Very, very simple. Do you know why? Because now, Detective Inspector Bishop, there is no power on this Earth that can stop me. Come on!”. I understand him. His companions are already in his heart. She no longer exists in this infinite space, time. All is relative, that sacrifice is what exists.

Dr Who season 2

The love story between Dr.10 and Rose really makes people like me, who claim that I will never believe in love, shed tears. Compared to Dr.9, the relationship between Rose and Dr.10 can be said to be a quite complete love story, although there is no happy ending.

The two had extremely romantic moments when Rose took Doctor’s hand and asked to follow him when the sky was covered with white dust from the explosion of the Sycorax ship.

Or in the episode “New Earth” when they both jump, run and sit on the grass looking towards New York when Rose wishes for a stable home with someone.

And even when stuck in the most difficult situations like in the episode “Impossible Planet”, she still smiles optimistically because: " But stuck with you, that's not so bad. ". Especially in the episode “The Idiot's Lantern” Rose wears a whole pink set, hugging the Doctor's waist on a green Vespa with two huge helmets. The couple is super cute!

Especially in the two episodes “The Impossible Planet” and “The Satan Pit“ when Dr.10 decided to jump into the black hole not without the bottom on the planet at the black hole's range, he just reminded Ida that: " If they get back in touch, if you talk to Rose, just tell her. Tell her. Oh, she knows.” Their love for each other doesn't need words anymore. And when seeing the giant disgusting Satan at the bottom and realizing its malicious plot, Dr. shouted: “ I've seen a lot of this universe. I've seen fake gods and bad gods and demi-gods and would-be gods, and out of all that, out of that whole pantheon, if I believe in one thing, just one thing, I believe in her!”


 Dr Who season 2

This part gives me so many emotions and I really love Doctor and Rose very much! At the same time, Rose painfully tries to save Dr. She is determined to stay and die with Dr: "Cause he's not (dead). I'm telling you, he's not. And even if he was, how could I leave him all on his own, all the way down there? No, I'm going to stay." It requires an anesthetic to get her on a ship back to earth. Even facing the extreme danger down below, even though that his own choice is a game of life and death, Doctor only thinks of Rose, worries about her and believes in her. Although he must painfully say to himself: "I have to sacrifice Rose!" but that's because he has to die too and he has no choice….!!!

But the last episode of Doomsday just tears our hearts to pieces. Right at the beginning, when Rose stands alone on the beach, begins with the sentence: “This is the last story. This is the story of my death”.

This episode was written by Mr. Russell T. Davies. When the Daleks and Cybermen travel through spacetime and want to take over the earth. The doctor has found a way to get rid of them. But to be safe, everyone including Rose has to return to the parallel planet of the previous episode, except for him who will stay to save the earth. And when that portal is closed, they will never see each other again. At that time, Rose told her mother: “I've had a life with you for nineteen years, but then I met the Doctor, and all the things I've seen him do for me, for you, for all of us. For the whole stupid planet and every planet out there. He does it alone, mum. But not anymore, because now he's got me." And when she was transported to that planet, she immediately returned to earth. To the anger of Doctor, She told him: " I made my choice a long time ago, and I'm never going to leave you. So what can I do to help?". But when she closes the vent, Rose slips her hand and gets sucked into it.

Witness the eyes of extreme pain and the gut-wrenching scream: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! by Doctor. I felt like I could feel that endless pain. Even at that moment, Rose was narrowly saved by her "father" Pete in the other world. However, the two could never see each other again!

Dr Who season 2

He’s gone.

HE’S REALLY GONE…………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the last scene, Doctor manages to transmit his blurry image from Tardis to Rose in different dimensions.  It's one of the most classic scenes in the entire movie. It one of the best scenes in 50 years, in my opinion. On the white beach, the waves are crashing, two people who have been together for so long, now they can't even touch each other and they can only see each other for the last 2 minutes of their lives.

- “I'm burning up a sun just to say goodbye.”

- “On your own. I, I love you.”

- “Quite right, too. And I suppose, if it's one last chance to say it, Rose Tyler”

But before he finished his sentence, the energy was gone. But maybe he didn't need to say it, his sad eyes could have already said so many words to her.

Not everything needs to be said

 “I love you. If it's one last chance to say it, Rose Tyler”

Such sadness.

Dr Who season 2

Now only Rose was left alone on the empty beach. About him, he also drowned with tears in Tardis, completely alone. He has to start a new journey as the last Time Lord of his species. At this moment, witnessing the rare tears of Doctor 10th, I suddenly remember a lot of the tears of those who used to cry for me. And then, I start and keep on sobbing, crying my eyes out.

I can't write anything more here. Emotions were intact, choking in the throat. Well, I have to smile and move on, I hope that Dr. will meet great companions like Rose. After all, Rose is forever the best girl for The Doctor in the midst of thousands of years of forever traveling in this galaxy even though they haven't even had a proper kiss!

But just as Sarah said to Rose at the separating: " Some things are worth getting your heart broken for" Dr will go on new adventures with new companions. He will never regret it, just like Rose. And indeed, witnessing this broken scene in the midst of vast and endless scenes with beautiful and tragic Doomsday melodies is more than enough for a lifetime. It's all more than enough, isn't it, Doctor, isn't it, Rose?

And to you and everyone who has ever been happy, ever fall, ever be wounded, ever hurt because of this love scene. It's all worth it, because loving is never having to say sorry or regret.

 Dr Who season 2

Yes, we will miss you all a lotttt!!!!  He is The Doctor and her name was Rose!

So close, yet so far away. They had a lot of travel, a lot of new experiences together. Their love will never die.



Journey with Doctor Who Season 1 (2005)