Journey with Doctor Who Season 1 (2005)

I have known about this series since May. Thanks to Pax mostly and thanks to the enthusiasm he shares in his meetings and in Pax's emotional writings about it. But in the end, I gave up on the idea because I was so busy and also because I was caught up in other movies and other plans. Another reason is that I see the huge number of episodes of it: 7 seasons in 8 years (2005-2013), so I am a bit overwhelmed! @@

But now, I decided to fall for it. Because today (November 23rd, 2013) on BBC will broadcast a special episode celebrating the wonderful 50th anniversary of traveling through spaces and time with Dr. Who (1963-2013).       

Isn’t that great? Why not watch it when I have so much free time. And after I finished watching Season 1, my heart was filled with indescribable joy and sadness. It's been a long time since I've watched such heartwarming films and felt attached to the character in the movie. So I decided to write about the journey with Dr. Who after each season and also a journey to discover my own world through the screen. Hopefully, after 7 seasons, I will learn more new things and be inspired by life and strength from this captivating series.

I will stop wasting your time and talking now and I will start my journey with Season 1 with 9th Dr. Who, who is also the first Doctor that made a very strong impression on me. The first thing will be the thing I remember best. Yeah, let's start the journey with The Doctors!!!

Doctor Who Season 1 (2005):



Indeed, I was surprised by it, not only because it is a TV series with a quite strange name but especially because of the number of years it has been existing: 50 years! For a developed country with dozens of TV channels that continuously produce extremely high-quality series like the UK, a TV series has indeed reached that milestone. Only one word can be used: respectable! So, I took the effort to find out and gradually understand why this is not only the longest but also the most popular science fiction series on the planet.

It is said that: "You would never fail to start a conversation with an Englishman if you talk about Doctor Who". Doctor Who is the friend of everyone, no matter gender or age because he is the Time Lord and he can be reborn in any form. It is also thought that Dr. Who has connected so many generations of British people, creating a cultural background imbued with the dream of reaching beyond a small island nation, mixed with the spirit of desire to conquer all understanding of the vast and infinite universe.

And now, BBC One is preparing to release a film about Dr. 12th. But in every British heart, there is a Dr of their own depending on who they started their journey with. Personally, I had my first Dr. Who (The order is 9th). Christopher Eccleston's great acting has caught my eyes and my heart too, right after the first few episodes!

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I started Season 1 (The new series actually started in 2005) with quite a lot of excitement. Well, I also knew my place and that I am about to start exploring a character that would not be quiet, would not be safe, would be very new, and would take me on an endless journey of life aboard on the spaceship TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space). It has the shape of a blue police phone booth and it could travel through space and time, but actually, I still felt very surprised because of the excitement that Dr. had brought.

Dr 9’s smile is extremely friendly and likable. That is my first impression of Dr.9 (from now on, I'll call him Uncle "Nine"!^^). What an incredibly passionate, emotional, and inspirational character. No need to ask, after 9 years of hiatus (1996-2005), Dr. Who was determined to bring back to the screen by Mr. Russell T. Davies. And his choice is no one but Christopher Eccleston. Just like that is enough for you to know how good, tough and new he must be, right!!!

Dr.9 is very rustic and simple. He is always loyal to “the one and only" a leather jacket, a black V-neck T-shirt, black jeans, and black leather shoes. He also often identifies himself as a person with an "old and bygone" face (a bit old compared to Rose, since his forehead is full of wrinkles! ^^). He knows how to keep his distance politely, less willing to share about himself and his past. He also put his thoughts and care through action more than words.

He is extremely optimistic, even in extremely dangerous situations. And he is also very funny, although sometimes a bit crazy and childish. But most of all, I can always see his deep pain, though he was trying so hard to hide behind that smile. He is still in misery and haunted by the death of his fellow human by the brutal and tyrannical Daleks after the Time War (Time War will be revealed in the later series). He still holds the guilt and loneliness because he is the only Time Lord left in the vast galaxy. But even so, he still did not suffer, but chose to travel everywhere, taking courageous actions to rescue oppressed species and fighting the dark forces that always desired of covering the earth!

Dr. Who Season 1

From the very beginning, in the episode of fighting the plastic species Auton, he drew Rose into a completely new world, which is dangerous but also full of excitement. The strange thing is that I quite like Rose. I always have had a bad emotion and liking toward female protagonists who always cling to the male protagonist very much. Maybe I am just full of envy because somehow, I see my desires in her - an ordinary young girl with a rather boring life. Deep down inside her, there is always a hidden desire to escape, to find new things.

And from the moment Rose kissed Mickey goodbye to decide to run into Tardis to start her journey with a guy with only the strange name “Doctor” to new unknown lands, "always dangerous like this", I knew that perhaps she has completely made the best decision in her life. It wasn't just Rose's fateful trip, it changed her life forever, it showed her things beyond human expectations. And when she stood side by side with Dr.9, what did she see?

She saw that the earth in the next 5 billion years will explode due to the expansion of the sun. Witnessing the moment this earth was destroyed by the sun, witnessing the destruction of a planet that was once beautiful, once home, used to be her everything was an experience beyond imagination and too violent.

In the episode of The End of The World by Russell T. Davies (the enthusiastic television producer and screenwriter who was determined to bring Dr. Who back to the screen) has caused me a lot of emotions. Especially the part where the last human named Cassandra, now transformed into a thin sheet of dry skin, begs Dr to water her. Rose wanted to help her as well but the Doctor said right away: “Everything has its time, everything ends, everything dies.!” and he smiles as she explodes. "Boom!".The last human left simply died like that – just like dust in the wind.

Dr. Who Season 1

AIn the episode “The Unquiet Dead”, Dr.9 also brought Rose back to the 19th century which is the era of writer Charles Dickens and explained about Christmas Carol in a extremely scientific way, about the extraterrestrial beings existing in the form of gas. This episode is both aristocratic, humorous, and profound in the style of Mark Gatiss.

I was also very touched by the episode of Paul Cornell's “The Father's Day” when Rose expressed her wish to return to the day her father died in an accident when she was still lying in the crib just to be beside him, holding his hand as he was dying. Although later this wish nearly caused disaster because it went against the laws of space and time.

In addition, I also really like the idea of Steven Moffat's an 2-episode series “Empty Child / The Doctor Dances”, which take set in World War II when the Germans bombed England.

These two episodes are both strange and spooky, unique and full of humanity. The ending also had a twisty surprising ending. I keep hearing the phrase: "Are you my Mommy?" and got goosebumps and shivered down my spines. Without any doubt, just watching her BBC Sherlock Holmes is enough to know how terrific her level is!!!

Dr. Who Season 1

The weird style of  Mr. Steven mixed with the new and unique styles of other talented screenwriters makes the film deep enough, funny enough, just like any TV entertainment should, but still leaves many thoughts and insights about British culture, historical information, imagination beyond wonderful without any limit. With a great soundtrack and many other memorable humanistic messages that I cannot list them all. So, even though the movie had a lot of absurdities and limitations in terms of effects at that time, everything was still very appreciative and worth the time to dive into each episode. One by one!

And after Season 1 of 13 episodes, I finally had to face the truth that I already knew for a long time: Dr. 9 will have to go! Up until now, the last episodes of the series always bring people tears and I understood why because I am one of them. Episode 13 “The Parting of the Ways” is deeply sad. Finally, that day has come. The day that the Doctor told Rose from the very beginning: "Everything has its time!" In this episode, Dr.9 sacrificed himself twice to save Rose. One for Tardis to bring her back to earth so she won't be in danger as promised to her mother. And when Rose was determined to come back to save him, he did not hesitate to absorb all the energy of the dangerous time vortex inside Rose so that she would not be destroyed even though he would be reincarnated as someone else!

And though he was still optimistic, he said: “Time Lord’s have this sort of trick. It’s our little way of cheating death. Except… it means I’m gonna change. And I’m not gonna see you again. Not like this. Not with this daft old face.!" But I can see the sadness in Dr.9's sparkling eyes. I can feel what Rose feels. When we have been with someone for so long, when we have been with them through so many sad, happy, and wonderful stories, standing side by side to overcome the "death of life", It is difficult to accept that they will forever be no more, not lost but forever changed!

Dr. Who Season 1

I can't forget the moment Dr.9 transformed into Dr.10. From their sweet kiss and from the tight hand-holding, from the way Dr.9's was looking at Rose, smiling so sweetly, so cutely, and saying: “Rose Before I go, I just want to tell you, you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And do you know what? So Was I”

Then, after that, I felt real pain when Rose cried to her mother: "He’s gone. The Doctor’s gone. He left me, Mom. He left me.”

It's hard to accept, but nothing is impossible to accept even the most unbelievable thing. I wrote these lines when my feelings for Dr.9 are still intact. I also feel sorry that he is no longer there, accompanying Rose. But what Dr.10 will do? He is played by excellent David Tennant who has just been voted the most favorite Dr. Who of all so far

I'm feeling like Rose, I'm really too eager to see what it's like to mentally accept a new person, to love and reattach to someone else.

And because I “accidentally" saw the scene in the episode “Doomsday” at the end of Season 2 when Rose broke up with Dr.10, so I know she will be happy again. She will love and accept a new Dr with new wonderful journeys. And I want to follow her, I want to know how it feels so much!!!

It is true that in life, everyone has a “Dr. Who" for themselves. Many people call that person "Mr.Right". Sometimes I think I've bonded with them the most but in the end, it's not like that. They are just companions in a phase of life.

And in the end, they will still leave us at the right time. But if Rose didn't go with Dr.9 that day, she wouldn't suffer, but she also had nothing but boring life, going to work, eating, sleeping, and probably marrying the boring Mickey. She will not see the world, witness its decline, collapse, decay, and resurrection, she has nothing but regrets like: "If only that day, I would have gone with the Doctor!".

Dr. Who Season 1

The film evokes my emotions, feelings about freedom, about the desire to enter this wide and beautiful world, about the dream of finding a person who can accompany me in a wonderful life that is also a wonderful journey.

This world is so beautiful. It remains beautiful even in its brokenness and loss, beautiful in every noble sacrifice of living creatures for each other when people accept death just so that the one they love can be safe and sound. It remains beautiful when people give up a peaceful space just to return to the most dangerous place to sacrifice and live for each other, It remains beautiful when we accept and look towards something new with a joyful spirit without looking back. It remains beautiful when someone asks us: "Where do you live?" and we smile back, "I live here, now and in this moment!".

Goodbye Doctor 9 - Christopher Eccleston! Although “Uncle 9” stopped a bit early, leaving us fans (including me) a lot of regrets, but I will forever remember The Doctor with a cute smile, a natural personality, a cheerful spirit, lovely personality!