Jazmine Sullivan Versus Blue-Eyed Soul: You are no match for me

The owner of the disk Sun Records once said bluntly, "If I can find a white guy who can sing with a black voice and have a black vibe, I can make billions of dollars."

The statement sounds very racial but it reflects the reality of the music world from the 60s to the present day.

Given the large number of white listeners, it seems that white singers/artists will be more noticeable. In marketing, whether you like it or not, the recognition or attention is extremely important.


So from Elvis Presley singing rock & roll music to Frank Sinatra singing jazz/swing, the trend continues to this day (That is, I'm not talking about white guys getting into the blues and blues rock). Although colored people feel uncomfortable when the white people encroach on their musical culture, it is undeniable to the merits of those white artists when popularizing the music born to the world boiling out dozens of genres of music. It was not to mention the period of the 60s when racism was still too severe.

Nowadays, things seem to be different, and the distinction is only in the subconscious of many people instead of being said. But again and again, when white artists jumped into music like soul / R&B / Hip Hop - which has always been dominated by black and colored people. And white artists received more acclaims and recognitions. It seems that skin color was still an important factor in the art which was mainly judged by ears.

So, in the genre of soul and R&B music, there is naturally a term called "blue-eyed soul," which has been used since the 1960s to refer to white artists who specialized in soul and R&B music "of" colored people. The word "blue-eyed" is, after all, it was just to avoid having to say that "white soul", which sounds less discriminatory, instead of eye color. At that time, the music that black people recorded for black people to listen to at that time was called a "race record" (because white people only listened to blues and rock n roll). Honestly!!!

Today I'm going to take a sample for comparison from the career of Jazmine Sullivan, a black female singer who sings great soul/R&B music. But she had to contend with such a popular "blue-eyed soul" artist.

Let's temporarily call that unknown character "Bluey".

But first, our main character, Jazmine Sullivan, was born in 1987 in Philadelphia, USA. From a young age, she showed her natural singing ability, which thanked to the dominant gene of her mother who worked as a backup vocalist for a record label. Jazmine's voice had a range of more than 3 octaves and 2 notes with the highest note being C#6. With a thick voice that was a bit hoarse and very personal, extremely warm in the bass range and gentle in the high notes. But the best thing was her ability to transcribe the sounds that she mastered for the R&B genre, so when Jazmine sang from low notes to high notes, it sounded smooth and not jarring.

However, it was poor for Jazmine when her weakness appeared in the "eyes" of the opposite person. Being black was one thing, but she was not as pretty and sexy as Beyonce or Rihanna. Also, she had a slightly oversized body. That was also the reason why Jazmine was fired by the first record label and didn't even bother to release the album she had already recorded, because she didn't look like a marketable person in the music market that many people heard with your eyes. It was only when rapper Missy Elliott noticed that she finally started her career after signing with J Records.


Meanwhile in the other hemisphere, in Tottenham, London, in 1988, it appeared a white girl with blue eyes, that is "Bluey". Bluey's family did not have a singing career, but she showed her talent from a young age and later attended art school.

Bluey's voice was only 2 octaves and 3 notes long (shorter than Jazmine's voice by an octave). The highest note that Bluey could sing was F5 (Jazmine's lower). But her extremely talented bluesy style singing made her song still sound very powerful. The voice was also a bit hoarse and she sang very well in the bass and midrange, but it was a bit harsh when raising the voice at the high notes. Bluey was then fortunate to be noticed by a record label after recording a few demos. She was quickly signed to a recording contract.

Compared to the vocals, both Bluey and Jazmine brought overflowing emotions in their voices. Born Bluey was a formidable rival since childhood with Jazmine from across the Atlantic. And yet, when comparing their appearance, it can be said that a woman with eight pounds, a woman with half pounds, literally Bluey's appearance was probably the same as Jazmine's.

But Bluey had blue eyes and sang soul music.


In early 2008, Bluey released her debut album, titled Some. This album marked "blue eyed soul" music and was well received.

As for Jazmine, she released her debut album Fearless in September 2008. The disc features the R&B, soul and funk music that Jazmine has always pursued, which has garnered critical acclaim, including Stevie Wonder after listening to "Bust Your Window" had to say that it was a classic song.

The album Fearless peaked at #6 on the Billboard charts and earned her 7 Grammy Nominations, including Best New Artist. But at the awards ceremony that year, Jazmine left empty-handed and let Bluey took the New Artist award even though Bluey was only nominated for 4 awards. Yes, it was heaven.


In November 2010, Jazmine released a second disc, Love Me Back, which still had the help of Missy Elliott, so it had the same hip hop sound as the first. The disc was particularly praised by critics for Jazmine's vocals and writing skills. The combination of Hip Hop and soul brought a different color to Love Me Back unexpectedly.

Even so, she only received one Grammy Award nomination for "Holding You Down" for the R&B genre.

Meanwhile, Bluey was already gearing up to release a second album just two months later (early 2011) under the same name as another number. This disc was extremely successful with the clearest soul sound. Standing on the top of the billboard for 24 weeks, Bluey broke the record for the longest time a female artist who had a top chart of all time.

According to Metacritic, Bluey's score on this disc was even slightly lower than Jazmine's Love Me Back. But the academy did not care about Metacritic. Bluey's disc won the Grammy Album of the Year.

By this time, Jazmine was also frustrated with the general audience's coldness to her music. And not only for her, the black soloists at that time no longer achieved the top position like in the 90s before. So Jazmine decided to retreat backstage.

Suddenly, imitating Jazmine, this Bluey also returned to the garden later because she "lost inspiration for music"



How did Jazmine's love of music motivate Jazmine?. But five years later, in January 2015, she returned with the album Reality Show, which was one of the best contemporary R&B records.

Jazmine cleverly used R&B/soul music mixed with modern color percussion, making her music remind listeners of the popular R&B of the late 90s. Her music also reflected the modern sound via an electronic drum set. Jazmine's musical talent was said to be at its peak on this record.

Reality Show was thus considered the best of Jazmine's excellent debut trilogy. So even though the disc sold only 30,000 copies in the first week, I thought this time it would definitely win her a Grammy.

Damn it, God gave birth to Miney, why even gave birth to Bluey. Suddenly finding inspiration after giving birth, the girl released her third album in November of the same year 2015 (at the same time that Jazmine released Reality Show). And it still uses the number to name the third album. Everyone assumed those numbers represented Bluey's age when it was released, and I'm sure that it was a big deal.

The audience looked forward to Bluey's music so much that her first single popped up on the radio, people shared clips on Facebook, and made parody videos of all kinds. Except from me, I still did not understand why people like it so much?

whatever comes will come, this record by Bluey sold 3.3 million copies in its first week in the US. Let see. That's 112 times the number of Jazmine's Reality Show. So I don't even bother to calculate the difference in total sales.

Even though that year's Grammys delayed Bluey's nomination because the disc was released after the deadline, my Jazmine was still empty-handed. And Bluey took the Album of the Year, Record of the Year, and Song of the year for "Hello", my top 5 most allergic song of the time, which was better than "Let It Go" from Frozen in the following year.

Well, I won't play the game of hinted anymore. Yes, Bluey is Adele, you probably already guessed most of it..


Actually, the comparison between Jazmine Sullivan and Adele is lame. However, the similarity in music and careers of these two women makes music listeners like me inevitable comparisons.

Personally, I find it even unfair because after Adele released two extremely successful discs 19 and 21 ("Rolling In The Deep" remains one of the most recognizable and catchy of the songs and rhythms), she also supplemented by "Skyfall" the James Bond soundtrack is also among the best; Then all of a sudden she did the right thing. Some artists heard that she was released on disc 25 and even delayed the release date to avoid having to compete for No.

On disc 25, Adele went too slowly on "Hello" and many other songs on the disc, making everything boring. That's what I personally think, but critics and many people praise the album 25.

Meanwhile, in contrast, Jazmine Sullivan did not receive even the slightest favor. I pose this problem because the first time I heard Jazmine, I had absolutely no idea about the color of her skin. I just found this Jazmine Sullivan was much better at singing and composing than Adele.  Really !!!

Meanwhile, taking the third album, Reality Show, as an example, you will see all the bright spots. Like "Stanley" for example, the intro was like music from the future and then the music was very good bass and funky soul. The song "Stupid Girl" had a smooth love melody that did not flow at all. The harmonies of "Brand New" or "Let It Burn" helped accentuate Jazmine's skillfully meandering vocals without straining. In addition, she also included jazzy chords in "Mascara", "Silver Lining" which made it seem a bit difficult at first but then it got very crazy. So after I finished listening to the whole disc, my mouth was open.  And so far it was.

You may not agree with my way of thinking. Here you go, try to share this post of mine but change the title to "Adele against xyz or something" with her picture, see if more people read it??.

See you again.