I Am Legend And The Spirit Of Bob Marley

Bob Marley

Credit : Bob Marley & The Wailers

It's not natural that I Am Legend was released at Christmas. With a movie of this genre, the most appropriate time to show the movie is the summer when young men, elegant and elegant, relax and invite each other to the theater. But Legend is released on Christmas because behind the plot of ghostly violence, it is the spirit of religion and humanity. Although the film has a lot of errors and absurdities, I still can't deny that its humanity is extremely high.

When going to the movies, people are often interested in 2 questions.

Question 1: What is the content of the movie? Are the character lines convincing and working well or not? Do the characters in the movie make you emotional or not? Are the dialogues deep, emotional and captivating? Does the film exploit the meaningful and emotional aspects so that after watching the movie, you have one more life lesson?

An the second question is more related to the genre of the movie. If it is a comedy, will you laugh out loud? If it's a horror movie, are you afraid to pee your pants? If it's action, is it full of explosive guns?  So if it's a blockbuster high-budget movie, does your tongue stick out when you watch the epic scenes?

Currently, many movies pour a lot of money and effort into the category of movies that belong to the second question, but not all movies have the answer. Many movies make viewers expect high but when they see them, they are disappointed, watching it once is too enough. But still many movies follow the path of finding the answer to the first question, which adds dramatic details to the plot, firmly builds the character lines. These movies make the film's plot deep, the lesson that the film conveys have a long-term educational value. The first time watching the movie is not enough for us to fully absorb, but it takes the twice or third time to be able to feel all the excellence of the movie. But in my opinion, if I choose to watch a movie many times, I think that “I Am Legend” might give me many lessons worth thinking about, and humanity for me to learn later.

The person who contributed to the humanity of Legend” was none other than Bob Marley, whom Robert Neville admired so much that his daughter he also named after him, Marley Neville. Bob Marley has not only been famous for being the most admired reggae singer of all time, he is also famous for being an anti-racism activist because he who has been born in mixed blood, has also been a victim of this discrimination.

Bob Marley

Credit : Bob Marley & The Wailers

So the film was unreasonable that at the end of the film, female character had no knowledge of Bob Marley at all. In the midst of a society without humans, in order to survive, people must have extraordinary strength. If you don't have strength, then it must be someone who is smart, talented, has deep understanding, has a talent to deal ... And if that's the case, then it's impossible not to know to Bob Marley. Just like the person who wears flared pants, has ponytailed hair, and fights against the war at night without even knowing who John Lennon is.

Unnaturally, Bob Marley was included in the Legend. His music not only condemned racism, promotes optimism and confidence in the future, but was also imbued with the spirit of Christianity. Nor was it natural that the female character was named Anna, or that the remaining human shelter was Bethel. Anna was the name of a prophetess in the Bible, Bethel meant the House of God in the Bible, this place was later believed to belong to the west bank of the Jordan River where Palestinian and Israeli relatives fought each other. Anna appeared in the bright light, just at the moment when Robert Neville was desperate to destroy himself when he lost the only relative left, when he completely lost faith in life, in God.

Bob Marley's optimism about the future appeared at the beginning of the film, when Neville played the song Three Little Birds :

Rise up this morning,

Smile with the rising sun,

Three little birds

Pitch by my doorstep

Singing sweet songs

Of pure and true melodies,

Singing: don’t worry about a thing,

‘Cause every little thing is gonna be all right.

(I wake up in the morning, smiling at the sun. There are 3 little birds perched on the sidewalk, singing sweet, true and clear melodies. That don't worry about anything, for everything. Things will be fine in the end...)

Three Little Birds

Credit : Bob Marley & The Wailers

Neville found faith in Bob Marley's music and morals. And his belief was strongly expressed when explaining to Anna about Marley: “Bob Marley believes that racism can be cured, with music and love. He was shot once, but two days later he was still at his show, because for him his assassins didn't rest which day and continued to make the world worse and worse, So why should he rest? Make an effort to light up to repel the darkness!”

Legend's religious spirit was reflected in many of Neville's words, such as "God didn’t do this. We did” when he told Anna. According to the bible, God is the almighty creator of all living things, but it is man, with his curiosity and endless greed, who destroys the order of nature, in order to suffer the punishments imposed by God. created by heaven, such as the legend of the Tower of Babel I have explained in the entry of the movie Babel. Humans, who shared the same language at that time, did not accept life on earth, set out to build the tower of Babel to touch the blue sky for the purpose of contemplating heaven, was overthrown. And God "gives" people a multitude of different languages so that they can't join forces to do the same thing again. Or in modern times, there is a story about Frankenstein when people defy the laws of creativity to create an unnatural living body to suffer punishments not only for themselves but also for their loved ones. Therefore, cancer is a disease and a price to pay for the actions that people destroy nature for the endless greed of people. And when people are trying to reverse that law of cause and effect by inventing drugs-cancer treatment, people have to bear a much more expenses.

But anyway don’t worry, everything little thing will be alright.



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