Hey Stoopid (1991) And The Galaxy Of Great Guitarists

Hey stoopid is a very enjoyable album to listen to by Alice Cooper, although it has not reached the success as Trash (1989). It can be said that this is the period when Alice Cooper experimented with a completely different music than Zipper Catches Skin (1982) or Dada (1983). And that after that it seems that he changed his style until now. It is no need to say how important Trash is in Alice Cooper's career.

As an artist who always claims to be a master of "image promotion", it is not too difficult for Alice Cooper to recognize and continue Trash's winning formula in collaboration with esteemed friends like Steven Tyler ( Only my heart talkin'), Jon Bon jovi (Trash), and Ritchie Sambora (Hell is living without you).

Alice Cooper

This time, Alice Cooper presented a plan that resembled the Real madrid: the collaboration with a series of great guitarists of the time.

That’s it, Hey Stoopid had the participation of Slash, Vinnie Moore, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Nikki Sixx, and Mick Mars. It was not to mention Ozzy Osbourne who also featured on the title track.

The first time I listened to this disc (when I was still listening to copies of discs in Hang Bong), track 5 'Dangerous tonight' was the track that made me realize that it was "of course, it was not that simple" and "smelly" of some guitar masters in here.

Alice Cooper

If you haven't heard this album, you can play "chasing pictures and catch words" and guess who was a solo in which song. Here are a few typical tracks:

  1. "Hey Stoopid"
  2. "Love's a Loaded Gun"
  3. "Snakebite"
  4. "Burning Our Bed"
  5. "Dangerous Tonight"
  6. "Might as Well Be on Mars"
  7. "Feed My Frankenstein"
  8. "Hurricane Years"
  9. "Little by Little"
  10. "Die for You"
  11. "Dirty Dreams"
  12. "Wind-Up Toy"