Ghibli: The "Museum" Of Dreams

Every time I watch movie series of Ghibli studio, I always feel like I'm dreaming.

“Castle in the Sky, Spirited Away, Grave of the Fireflies,.” - A movie lasted almost 2 hours long, but I still sat attentively in front of the screen. It was because I didn’t know when the television would show again. I kept drowning in the dreams that Ghibli studio created. There were things that float away from reality, there are things that are "real" to haunting.


Credit : Studio Ghibli

The real-virtual mixed feeling like a dream with memories, I still can't find it anywhere else rather than the feeling in Ghibli.


Life is magical thanks to the simple things

When I was young, I moved with my parents to a suburb of the city. In order to keep my "roots", every summer I would visit my hometown again. There, every morning when I stepped out on the porch, I could take a deep breath to feel the scent of the dew mixed with the smell of the rice fields, leisurely walk along the narrow village road, and then follow the children to the dike to fly the kite.

When I was in middle school, I didn't go back to my hometown often anymore. But Ghibli has wrapped up the memory of that summer with many innocent stories of my childhood, and detailed nature scenes in every blade of grass.


Credit : Studio Ghibli

Featured image is “My Neighbor Totoro”. The story was a series of daily events revolved around two sisters Mei and Satsuki. Two children who had just moved into a new place were almost immediately in love with their "soot-filled" house. They ran to the fields to greet their neighbors, to the stream to get water, and stayed on the bridge to watch the fish. Then the next day, they went to the fields to pick corn.

The whole movie did not have a narration. No character segments revealed their inner thoughts. But the 8-year-old me, or the 12-year-old me, they didn't need those explanations. Her mouth kept smiling with each of Mei's jumps while playing alone in the garden. The sound of the rain patting on the umbrella made the Forest God known as Totoro to feel happy like a child.

That's the world in Ghibli's series, whether it has a castle in the clouds or a land of strange souls, the reactions and interactions of the characters are often very real. It is too real that someone can believe they exist somewhere in this universe.

Credit : Studio Ghibli

When growing up, I  knew that I wouldn't be able to see any real God, but I still believe in big dreams. I know that there won’t not be any soft cat bus that will be there when I need it and take me anywhere, but I still aspire to achieve whatever I want.

Until my dreams hurt me, I watch Totoro to listen to the whisper. There will always be small surprises in ordinary life, like the way this God took the umbrella but didn't forget to give Satsuki a packet of seeds as a thank you. That "just laugh loudly, and the thing that scares you will disappear" like the way Mei, Satsuki and their father laughed to drive away the soot.

The day I knew that my parents would no longer be able to be together. Going back to visit my hometown always gave me a fear of seeing my relatives again. But when I stepped out onto the porch, after a deep breath to feel the scent of the dew mixed with the smell of the rice fields, I unintentionally laughed because I saw "Mei" and "Satsuki" running on the village road. Life is complicated in the adult world, but there are simple things that go on.


"Try Laughing. Then Whatever Scares You Will Go Away."


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