DISNEY'S TOP 20 Least Noticed Animated Movies

Walt Disney is the 3rd company in the list of 25 most famous companies in the world voted by Forbes magazine in 2012. Everyone, from children to the elder, they all know the name Walt Disney and 52 Classics animated films in 2013. Disney has a lot of good animated movies, but not all of them are popular and even they are not appreciated. What is the first movie that comes to mind when asked? What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone asks you to name your favorite Disney animated movie? Almost no one would choose Atlantis: The Lost Empire, The Great Mouse Detective or The Black Cauldron.

Many Disney animated films are not as heavily advertised as other popular films. It seems that movies that do not belong to the Disney Princess brand will be excluded from the world of animated films. Most of the attention, productions, advertisements, and discussions are focused on popular Disney films such as The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, and Snow White.

Here's a countdown to 20 of Disney's most underrated and less noticed animated movies:


Disney's Pocahontas

#20. Disney's Pocahontas

On May 16, 1995, Walt Disney Studios created the 13th animated film called Pocahontas. The animated film told the story of an epic story about the Indian princess Pocahontas, who just wanted to find her own way, then she met John Smith, an English explorer passionate about discovering the unknowns and new lands around.

The soundtrack to “Colors of the Wind” won a Golden Globe, an Oscar, and a Grammy. The single "Colors of the Wind" also reached #4 on the US music charts in 1995.

Pocahontas has a story with a great musical score but fails in sales and traction



#19. Mulan

Mulan is the story of a young Chinese girl who lives in a country where men are respect and women are disrespected. Because she wanted to prove my worth to my family and country, Mulan disguised herself as a male soldier in the Chinese army sent to defeat the Xiongnu. Accompanying her with the protective Dragon Mushu and the lucky cricket Crikee, Mulan infiltrated the army and proved that women are not inferior to men.

Mulan's beauty and talent were delivered via the voice of Ming-Na Wen while Eddie Murphy voiced Mushu, Mulan's Guardian Dragon. Mulan is definitely Disney's most underrated movie.

Filled with humor, action, and humanities lessons, Mulan brings a new atmosphere to the frail women Disney portrays them in most of their cartoons. Although Mulan has a sequel, it has received less media attention than other popular films. With an impressive soundtrack, engaging action sequences, relaxing moments of humor and great story content, it's no exaggeration to say that Mulan is a great Disney classic.


Home on the Range

#18. Home on the Range

Home on the Range (named after a popular country song) is a 2004 musical animated Western film produced by Walt Disney. Even when Home on the Range was first released, advertising Disney's lackluster promotion of the film was also startling.

The movie was originally called Sweatin' Bullets, the content revolved around the lives of 3 dairy cows who wanted to become bounty hunters to save the farm. This is the last movie shown on VHS.

Home on the Range seems to have been identified as a Disney flop. Not only was it unappreciated at the time of its release, but it also failed to become part of the Disney world. Unfortunately, this gem has fallen into the ranks of the most underrated Disney classics.

Home on the Range which was located in the suburbs, has a cattle dream farm, where pigs, cows and chickens lived happily and were never "butchered". But then the kind owner went bankrupt, the farm was confiscated for auction. Meanwhile, it was heard that those who were trying to buy the farm would be ready to "butcher" all the cattle. Faced with the danger of being slaughtered, the cattle decided to find a way to save the farm. They sent three cows, Grace, Maggie and Caloway, who were clumsy but brave and clever to meet the sheriff to negotiate. Their challenge was to catch a robber and bring back the bounty to save the farm. Would the three cows complete the mission?


The Three Caballeros

#17. The Three Caballeros

The Three Caballeros is the seventh animated film in the Walt Disney animated series. It centers around Donald Duck and his two friends, José Carioca and Panchito Pistoles. The film consists of several segments connected by a common theme. Released in the US in 1945 and rerun in 1977, The Three Caballeros was forgotten by Disney. Seven segments made up this Disney animated film. However, each passage had its own unique and fascinating part.


#17A. The Cold-Blooded Penguin

“The Cold-Blooded Penguin” is a scene from the Disney movie The Three Caballeros about a penguin named Pablo who lives in Antarctica. Feeling not warm enough in his tent, he decided to try and find a warmer climate. The lesson from The Cold-Blooded Penguin is that you have to work to get what you want and never "Stand here and look at that mountain"

#17B. The Flying Gauchito

“The Flying Gauchito” is about a boy from Uruguay and his flying donkey Burrito. It's a short story about friendship and camaraderie. The lesson of the story is that money should not be used to cheat.

#17C. Bahia

Bahía is part of the musical film in The Three Caballeros that takes the form of a pop-up book trip through Bahía, Brazil. Donald's friend, José, gives him a gift and asks Donald if he's been to Bahía. José shrinks Donald Duck and himself down so they can enter the book. Donald and Jose meet up with some locals, who dance samba with them. The stunning scenes in the Bahía segment have a powerful impact.

#17D. Las Posadas

“Las Posadas” is part of the film Ba La Caballeros about a group of Mexican children who celebrated Christmas by reorganizing the journey of the parents of Jesus Christ – Mary and Joseph – when they were looking for a room at the inn. While looking for a room at an inn, Mary and Joseph begin a festival. Donald Duck also participates in the festivities, breaking up the Piñata party.


#17E Mexico: Pátzcuaro, Veracruz and Acapulco

The Mexico footage of The Three Caballeros centers around Donald Duck and two friends on a sarape tour of Mexico. Donald Duck jokes, chases passionately with every Mexican girl he sees.

#17F. “You Belong to My Heart” and Donald's Magical Adventure

“You Belong to my Heart” is a musical clip from The Three Caballeros. While in Mexico, Donald Duck fell in love with a beautiful singer. He was completely infatuated with the singer throughout the video. The lyrics were similar to the scenes in the movie.

Donald Duck was completely in a state of bewilderment when he met the singer. Donald envisioned flowers and sparked appearing. And then the scene was ruined by Panchito and José trying to overdo it and the scene where Donald ended up fighting a toy bull armed with firecrackers and other explosive toys.



16. Fantasia

Upon its release in 1940, Fantasia surpassed all previous animated films in high quality. Fantasia has been a Disney's third feature film. The film consisted of eight parts with different classic scenes. At that time due to Mickey Mouse's unpopularity, Fantasia was built to mark Mickey's return. Disney has always wanted to create a similar abstract film.

When the film transitioned from dancing flower petal to erupting volcanoes to shuffling dinosaurs, the audience thought that Walt Disney was doing something crazy. None of the scenes were related. While it was not a traditional animated movie, Fantasia was a great movie to watch (if you don't expect too much of Walt Disney's creativity). And although Fantasia has been remade for a third time and has a sequel (Fantasia 2000), it has received little attention from Disney.


Hunchback of Notre Dame

#15. Hunchback of Notre Dame

The Hunchback of Notre Dame is Disney's 34th animated film in 1996. The film was set in 1502, the content revolved around Quasimodo the deformed man. Due to being deceived by the evil judge Claude Frollo, Quasimodo has been forced to live in a bell tower and isolated from everyone and everything but his gargoyle friends (Victor, Hugo, and Laverne).

Judge Frollo pretended to be Quasimodo's friend and savior and used this to make Quasimodo his slave, despite the fact that twenty years ago, Judge Frollo killed Quasimodo's mother when she tried to try to sneak into Paris. Quasimodo met Esmeralda – a person he had a crush on a girl who helped him a lot. With impressive content, The Hunchback of Notre Dame was a much-loved classic. The heartwarming story will make you want to watch it over and over again.


Oliver and Company

#14. Oliver and Company

In 1988, Walt Disney released the film The 27th film in the Walt Disney classic animated series, Oliver and Company, which was inspired by the classic Charles Dickens novel Oliver Twist. The film is set in the 1980s and the story revolves around orphaned cat Oliver looking for a home in New York City. Oliver joins a band of good-natured homeless men Fagin's stray dogs.

Fagin taught his dogs how to steal, cheat, and survive. When one of his plans went wrong, the kitten was named Oliver by a daughter named Jenny. Jenny was raising her pet dog Georgette, and Georgette was very jealous of Oliver when Jenny took care of her. Georgette used all means to get rid of Oliver so that she could regain her original position.

Oliver and Company was a touching film about the power of friendship and family. With such great content, it was surprising that Oliver and Company was not famous. One thing is for sure, you should watch this movie.


The Rescuers Down Under

#13. The Rescuers Down Under

The Rescuers Down Under is the 29th film in the classic Walt Disney animated series. This is the sequel to The Rescuers. Both The Rescuers and The Rescuers Down Under were based on the novel by Margery Sharp. The content of the film revolved around the noble mouse Bianca and the house mouse Bernard.

Bianca and Bernard were members of a secret organization Rescue Aid Society, which helped children in need. The story began when young Cody was kidnapped by Percival C. McLeach. A famous hunter was looking for Marahute, an extremely rare golden eagle. Throughout the film, we can see the transition between Bianca and Bernard's adventures and see how Cody confronted McLeach and her minions.

The Rescuers Down Under was an underrated Disney classic. With excellent, straightforward content, this movie is very suitable for entertainment.


The Black Cauldron

#12. The Black Cauldron

 The Black Cauldron is Walt Disney's 1985 fantasy adventure film. The Black Cauldron was Disney's attempt at the dark side of the story and was executed to perfection. The film was based on the novel of the same name written by writer Lloy Alexander. Ted Berman and Richard Rich co-wrote and directed the film.

The film was about the Horned King searching for a magical black oil cauldron that could help him rule the world. The boy was Taran with the magical pig because they knew where the Black Oil Cauldron was kept, and imprisoned by the Horned King. While in captivity, Taran and his friends met the mischievous princess Eilonwy, who was trying to get out of prison. The gloom seemed to add drama to the film.

The Black Cauldron could be seen going unnoticed when the film came out. Before the movie was released, Disney boss Jeffrey Katzenberg decided to cut many scenes in the movie because of the length of the film. By 2012, the soundtrack of The Black Cauldron had hit the market.


The Rescuers

#11. The Rescuers

The Rescuers was produced in 1977 and is the 23rd film in Walt Disney's classic animated series. The film was about an international organization based in New York called the Rescue Aid Society that specialized in rescuing kidnapped children around the world.

Two rats from the Rescue Aid Society, Bianca and Bernard, were on a mission to rescue an orphan girl kidnapped by treasure hunters. Let's follow Bianca and Bernard on their adventure to rescue Penny from evil people who wanted to use Penny to find treasure.

It's true that, although The Rescue Aid Society was a huge hit when it opened, earning more than $48 million in theaters, being one of Disney's most successful films of its time, it was very few. when mentioned by Disney. It was a shame that such a brilliant adventure story has to be left aside.


Brother Bear

#10. Brother Bear

Produced in 2003 by Walt Disney Studios, Brother Bear is an animated film about three Inuit brothers who returned to their tribe in search of their remaining brother - Kenai, each receiving his or her own sacred Totem. . Kenai's totem was the bear of love, but he was frustrated because "the bear is my enemy." When Kenai's older brother was killed by a bear, Kenai followed the bear and killed it. But once he killed that bear, the bear's spirit would punish Kenai by turning him into a bear.

We follow that Kenai as he found his way back to human only to meet a bear named Koda, who was adamant about tagging along with Kenai the bear. Kenai and Koda became friends after a while. To undo Kenai's curse, he learned that the bear he killed was Koda's mother, this revealed fact hurting Koda.

Disney's second Native American animated feature, this one is a tribute to the Inuit tribe. Brother Bear pulls you in the story and entices the audience with emotions, while also containing bits of Disney-style humor. This is truly a great movie to watch with your whole family.


The Great Mouse Detective

#9. The Great Mouse Detective

Released in 1986, The Great Mouse Detective is Disney's 26th feature-length film. The Great Mouse Detective was based on Eve Titus' The Basil of Baker Street series. The main character and detective Basil were based on the novel by Sherlock Holmes.

When a toy maker was kidnapped, his daughter turned to Basil to help her find her father. The villain Ratigan kidnapped the girl's father and forced him to make a robot clone of the mouse queen to rule the rat community. This was a bit of a dark story, but it was a good movie to watch with the family.


Meet the Robinsons

#8. Meet the Robinsons

Meet the Robinsons is a computer-animated film produced by the Walt Disney Company. This is the 47th animated work in Disney's Animated Classics collection. A light-hearted story like William Joyce's Wilbur Robinson, Meet the Robinsons was about an orphan boy named Lewis, who soon revealed a talent for science and invention. Unable to remember his biological mother, Lewis tried to invent a machine that will help him regain his memory of his mother.

The Lewis memory scanner was vandalized by a guy in a melon hat, after which Lewis gave up on science and invention. When Lewis reached the top of the orphanage, he found a boy named Wilbur, a boy from the future. Lewis traveled with Wilbur to the future, where Lewis discovered that Wilbur's family was not quite as orthodox as he thought, but loved making him extremely happy. Lewis did not want to leave because it felt like he was finally found his home, but when Wilbur upset his family by saying that Lewis did not belong to the family, the Wilbur family decided that they no longer wanted to adopt him again. We also learn that the guy in the bowling hat is the future version of Lewis' roommate in the orphanage, who has gone back in time to seek revenge on Lewis for his noisy science experiments. His noise woke his roommate.

Meet the Robinsons is a story about family, love, finding their way and believing in yourself. The animation, story and characters make a great movie to watch with or without your family. It's a comedy, but the lesson is clear: always believe in yourself.


Tarzan 1999

#7. Tarzan 1999

In 1999, Tarzan was considered as a new breeze after films on the subject of prince princesses such as The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast or Aladdin. Tarzan is about an orphan boy who has grown up in the jungle and was raised by monkeys.

Growing up with monkeys, Tarzan knew nothing about the human world or himself until he met a group of scientists who went into the forest looking for monkeys to study. Tarzan was attracted to the scientist Jane.

Tarzan is the first film to reach #1 at the box office since Pocahontas. This was the last successful Disney Renaissance film. Although Tarzan was shown on Broadway television, and out in sequels, sadly, the film didn't stand out in the Disney animated film world as it should. The scenes of the movie are made extremely majestic and perfect.


Robin Hood

#6. Robin Hood

In 1973, Disney released the 23rd animated film called Robin Hood. Disney Studios personified animals instead of using humans to adapt the character Robin Hood. Robin Hood was a hero - a bandit who robbed the rich for the poor. Maid Marian, Robin Hood's dream girl, joined Robin Hood and his friends to overthrow King John, who had usurped the throne of his brother King Richard.

Robin Hood was a great animated movie from Disney. The content is full of humanity and the master animation technique has brought life to the characters in the movie, feeling like you are playing in the movie. The film is a story of love, friendship and courage, suitable to watch with family and friends.



#5. Hercules

Hercules is the 37th animated film in the classic Disney animated series that was released in 1997. As the son of Zeus who was the king of the Gods, as a child Hercules was kidnapped by his uncle Hades. Because Hades' subordinates could not complete the task of turning Hercules into a human and killing him, Hercules became a demigod. Raised as a demigod, Hercules was teased by ordinary children for his clumsiness and extraordinary strength.

One day, Hercules discovered the fact that he was the son of a God, Hercules began his journey to become a true god. During the trip, Hercules met Phil, who trained Hercules to be a hero so that he could make his dream of becoming a God come true. As Phil trained Hercules, they encountered the maid Megara who secretly worked for Hades trying to get rid of Hercules.

Hercules has been one of Walt Disney's best movies. The combination of elements such as mythology, action, romance, humor and great animation makes the film more attractive with bold ideas.


The Brave Little Toaster

#4. The Brave Little Toaster

In 1987, Disney released the movie The Brave Little Toaster. The film was based on the novel of the same name by author Thomas Disch. The film followed the adventures of five gadgets: a toaster, a blanket, a table lamp, a vacuum cleaner, and a radio, who went on to decipher why their owners did not need them.

Stepping out into the outside world, the five items had to endure rainstorms, high mountains, envious new items, and a junk magnet that managed to destroy the five items. Friendship was featured in this movie. This was an engaging adventure story suitable to watch with the family.


Peter Pan

#3. Peter Pan

Peter Pan is the 14th film from Wal Disney, released in 1953. The film told the story of a little girl Wendy Darling and her two younger brothers John and Michael, along with the boy Peter Pan. Peter Pan was a fairy tale character – a boy from a magical land that never got old.

When Peter Pan, Wendy, and her two brothers arrived at the magical Never Land, they came face-to-face with the story's famous Captain Hook. Peter and the lost children, Wendy and her two younger brothers fought together against Captain Hook.

Of all the characters of the film, only Tinkerbell had its own brand, Peter Pan was hardly promoted.


Treasure Planet

#2. Treasure Planet

Treasure Planet is an Animated Science fiction film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures on November 27, 2002. It is the 43rd animated film in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series. This Science Fiction film was inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson's adventure novel Treasure Island and was the first film to be released in both normal and IMAX formats. The film used traditional hand-drawn 2D animation techniques in a new way along with 3D computer-animated effects.

Young Jim Hawkins received a legendary map of loot from Captain Nathaniel Flint from a dying pirate. Jim began his amazing adventure banging through planets like

Befriended by robotic chef John Silver, under the guidance of John Silver, Jim became an assistant in the battle with cosmic black holes, meteors and persistent cosmic storms. Jim soon realized John Silver was a bandit plotting rebellion.

A movie with great content and excellent animation was on this list. Disney has gone to great lengths to add a touching element to classic children's stories. Although Treasure Planet flopped in theaters, there was no denying that it was a downright great movie. It seemed that the box office failure was because of the way that Disney promoted.


Atlantis: The Lost Empire

#1. Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Topping the list of Disney's least-noticed animated films is Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Atlantis is Disney's 41st film. The movie Atlantis revolved around Milo Thatch, a linguist and cartographer at the Smithsonian Institution, who believed that Shepherd's book would show the way to the legendary city of Atlantis. Milo met millionaire Preston B. Whitmore who was determined to find Atlantis. Mr. Whitmore chose Milo to lead a group of professionals to accompany him on his way to find Atlantis.

When Milo and his expedition found Atlantis, Milo's group betrayed him, trying to sell antiques and kidnap the princess of Atlantis. Milo tried to rescue the Atlantian princess and eventually gained the trust of the crew members. Although Milo's expedition became rich, Mio still decided to stay in Atlantis with Princess Kida.

Surprisingly, Disney made absolutely no mention of its first sci-fi movie. The making of Atlantis: The Lost Empire was considered Disney's least known film to date. A fun and well-funded sci-fi adventure deserved more attention. This is definitely a movie for everyone.



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