Disney And The "Copy" Versions Of The 4.0 Era

Disney was probably too familiar with the "old TV cab" generation before Happy Kid appeared and HBO disappeared. The House of Mouse is known to today's kids through the cinema and the enthusiast parents and older siblings.

Watching Disney is not luxurious to childhood with series like Snow White, Lion King,... in the mornings and High School Musical, Descendants, Wizards of Waverly,...shows on those days late hours for example.

Those are enough things to create a big brand like Disney, it is enough to create a generation and community that loves the Mouse house, but is this true now?


Childhood named Disney and a thousand dreams of immersing in the fairy world


Who doesn't want to be a part of the stories that make Disney? I'm a bit of a princess, but I have to admit that I love the world Disney draws. The House of Mouse has been very successful in contributing to the small childhood of children. So far, Disney continues to walk on the path of creating childhood for the new generation, but with a new path, new thinking and generally more positive.

A childhood full of Disney flavor, an innocent childhood with Mickey Mouse and endless dreams call the magical world. Disney movies are no longer simply about princesses found for a "Romeo" guy and are about stories of a strong woman who is not inferior to men.

Everything Disney has today is completely worth it. It is worthy of having a huge talent resource and trillions of assets, but is the big studio playing with its success?


Infinite imagination, priceless dreams of Disney


"Life is too short, think big, dream big, no one will tax your dreams"

Disney also dare to think, also fly high and succeed. The House of Mouse has its own projects, there are also new and worth-seeing movies of the year, there are still strong princesses even without a "Romeo" guy. Disney has always had a place in the hearts of children and even adults. Disney's movies are neither too human nor too first, but enough to convey everything and I'm sure Disney will stay that way and can even do better even though the studio has disappointed me quite a bit. No matter how disappointed I am, I can still spend some money to watch this big man's movie.


The "copy" of the 4.0 era of the "Big Man" studio and the playfulness in success


I am a person who specializes in watching pirated movies because I actually don't have too much money and to save money, Phimmoi.zz or similar websites is really useful. I'm not a very strict movie reviewer, nor am I comfortable in all movies and for something Disney adaptations have let me down quite a bit even though it's invested millions of dollars.

Overall, the movies are pretty close to the script except Mulan, it's not too bad:

First, it is a pretty big mistake that even though Disney has listened to its audience, it doesn't seem to be enough.

- Previous films like “Lion King”, “Beauty And The Beast” did quite well, and the quality did not seem to escape the label, the shadow of the cartoon. When it came to Mulan, Disney listened and changed, but it was little successful. I felt quite sorry that I spent money to watch Mulan to the fullest on Disney Plus even I had to change VPN despite going to the US because this used to be one of the Disney animated movies that I quite liked and this made me sad. I regret it quite a bit and have to rethink some things.


Second: Mulan. Why did I let the billion-dollar "super product" go to Disney's bad mistake?

The movie has a lot of holes and especially "does not sing", even Disney uses his magic to disappear two supporting characters but these two supporting characters still remain equally main characters, the dragon Mushu and Cri-kee. The film was not for children anymore, but for adults because it was too tough and where did the Lady Bird appear. The main character no longer becomes a witness to the fact that women are as brave as men, but the main character also becomes a "Chinese-made superhero". "The ultimate friendship becomes the core of everyone grabbing" because the film basically no longer depicts the smiles of so-called close friendships anymore. Especially if you are a fan and want to see Liu Yifei smile, maybe that smile is more expensive than you think. But in return, you will see Disney's advanced as a success for movie robots. It sounds exaggerated but it's exactly what I feel when I watch it.


Third, it seems that Disney has been working on a series of "adaptations" of old movies and I am quite sorry that some of the new movies are not so popular, not all movie nerds know, even though I know that will a big man like Disney will try not to lose.

Fourth, the "Big Man" seems to be losing a part of its own substance and the producers are gradually losing their Disney-smelly imagination. The studio buys other franchises and movies, it just doesn't make me want to immerse myself anymore. Sometimes I think I'm really playing around with success and the studio is deliberately going out the door and the key to get out to glory again.

Even so, even though I am somewhat disappointed, I still look forward to quality products. I hope I can see an upcoming Mouse house masterpiece.

As I wrote this article, I asked myself: "You are too old to watch and evaluate cartoons, are you watching cartoons through the eyes of an adult?". But maybe not, because basically Disney movies or no cartoons still have old meanings.



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