Cute Gold Toggle Choker Necklace

I always love small accessories: from bracelets to earrings. And I cannot have enough necklaces in my collection. Love all kinds of accessories. A while ago, I found this choker browsing all over the shop. I didn’t expect the necklace to be super great quality because the price was not very high. The delivery arrived in estimated arrival. Galit also gave me the exact estimated date to receive it too.

After unboxing, the first thing that caught the first impression is the cute black box. The box is very cute. The receipt was also included in the package. The thank-you card attached is pretty, too. I think the box and the necklace made an excellent gift for girls Personally, It was a good deal with the price I paid for.

Gold Toggle Choker Necklace


It looks pretty and dainty. It was not very shiny or fake-looking. I have worn it for months and It still looks pretty new. I wear it all the time since it fits perfectly with every outfit in my closet. I love to wear it with my casual clothing to dress up a little bit.  The length of it is also suitable for my dress. I don’t know if it will tarnish in the future or not. But for now, I love everything about this necklace.

I also bought one identical for my best friend. She was very surprised and totally love it too. She thinks that the choker adds some shimmer to her everyday look. Though for her, it was a bit short in length.

In general, I love it. I didn’t expect that I would get a great deal purchasing jewelry. But in the end, I was convinced about the quality of the gold choker. I am satisfied that the quality of each purchase is the same.