Bon Jovi Spin-off

I will tell you a little known story about the history of the name Bon Jovi band. Believe it or not, it's up to you.

Everyone knows that the Bon Jovi group has 4 friends who have known each other since childhood: Jon Bon Jovi (singer, rythm guitar), Ritchie Sambora (lead guitarist), David Bryan (Keyboard player), and Tico Torres (drummer). After playing like this for a few years, it was not until the group met the boss Doc McGhee that the career began to flourish, and they received a recording contract in 1984.

Bon Jovi

Well, they were interested in playing that until the signing the contract, the four friends still couldn't agree on the name of the band. A few years ago, when there was no contract, he was very active, giving all kinds of names including bananas like "Atlantic City Express".

That night, the four men gathered together. And all kinds of names in the sky and the sea were given out, but no one tolerated anyone. Even the band's name with the first letter of the band member’s names was not approved.

Then his brother Jon Bon Jovi, the youngest in the group ventured to give his idea: "Or I could just take each guy's name as the band's name, and then I change it once every 5 years, so no one loses. ".

The other men had have been tired at that time, so it made sense to hear that. So they nodded. After that, Ritchie wondered "who got the band's name first?", which make David and Tico only scratch their heads and ears: "Stop asking Jon how he's doing, there must be a plan."

It was true that Jon had a real solution: "just follow the alphabet for ease". Well, the solution was so perfect that no one could argue.  He was a small guy with big mindset, which making him to create excellent music.

In that order, the band names every 5 years would be: Bon Jovi, Bryan, Sambora, and Torres.

And the name Bon Jovi was born that day. The next day the band recorded their debut album "Bon Jovi" and immediately became a permanent name on the charts.

4 years later, "Slippery when wet" hit No. 1 on the bill board.

1 year later, "New Jersey" followed the success with another No. 1.

Maybe that's why, after 5 years, the other 3 men have no idea to change their name.

In 2018, Bon Jovi was honors into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.