Aerosmith: The Bad Couple, Panacea, And The Trio Of Few Words

I very love reading Steven Tyler's books because what he wrote is both rhyming as poetry and rich in imaginative images. Not to mention randomness that can jump to any timeline or space – Steven's stories have the ability to travel through space because Steven always lives in a parallel reality in the 6th dimension (like Alice and wonderland) – note that the fifth dimension is already occupied by science.

But perhaps most of all, it's Steven's way of talking about the fame and glory surrounding Rock Stars, something that while many people aspire to pursue, Steven himself has realized that it is what belongs to him since he no one yet.  It emanates from the way he told stories about Sex and Drugs like no other, the fantasy world that all Rock fans like me (we) crave for a sip of that flavor but we can't taste it. The world is so different from where we grew up. I do not feel aversion to reading from drug addiction who mistreated his wife, children and brothers, nor did I feel offended when Steven was judgmental. The story seems to come from a completely different world where there is only music and aura surrounding and the Rock Stars. Maybe it's not literature for timid writers.

Sex and drugs through Steven's narration are natural and charming like a fantasy world only for those who sacrifice everything to come to it. Sex & drugs, therefore, also flow from Aerosmith's lyrics as naturally as the breath of music. A few times he lamented because his house was destroyed by sex & drugs, but then he was happy because he could sing about sex & drugs. The radio was playing, everyone was racing to listen, racing to quit money to buy discs for you to reach all gold to platinum. Then you used that money to buy drugs to play and … continue singing.


Speaking of Sex, it's @#!!%$^^@#$%&!%#@ what you can imagine. Pen I can not tell it all.

And drug is the magic medicine that has been with Steven since he didn't know what Sex was. The boy Steven Tellerico used to secretly plant and smoke weed since middle school. But that was a small thing. The big thing was that Steven was raised around the grand piano where his father practiced 4 hours a day and stuck Bach, Chopin, and Beethoven melodies, notes, and chords in his head from a very young age. And yet, the Tellerico family opened a resort (a kind of Airbnb) in Sunapee (New Hampshire) every summer, and the teenage Tellerico got used to being in charge of the family band's drum kit serving guests every day night. Then working overtime to the pubs clustered around the area, Steven soon became a village star, and it allowed him to bring his natural musical abilities and smoking pot when he moved back to Boston every school year.

However, Steven later bragged about a callus on his right foot as big as a thumb, proof that he was also a hideous drummer (only those who stomped a lot of bass would have a bottle). When he just moved in with the band with Joe Perry, Joey Kramer (drums), and Tom Hamilton (bass, there was no Brad Witford at that time), Steven also brought his drums with him. And it was Steven who pointed Joey Kramer drumming in the early days - how to beat in and out, how to fill, feet and hands, hi-hat opening - and later Joey Kramer became a great Rock n Roll drummer with an unmistakable way of drumming and rhythm can unmistakable anywhere.


Steven Tyler and Joe Perry were like fire and ice: Steven was beautiful and hot-tempered while Joe was slovenly and cold. On stage, they were soul mates, but off the stage they never got on well with each other. Even when Steven ran out of pills, Joe never shared even a single pill. Therefore, the harmony of the two in music was unique. Still, Steven called the pair the Toxic Twins himself: Steven craved Joe's instinctive riffs to create melody and lyrics, and without Joe Perry, Steven could not seem to write anything. But on the contrary, perhaps Joe Perry just needed Steven was very good ears to… tune himself. Unfortunately, it was poorly pity for Joe Perry, he suffered from tinnitus, a disease in which there was always a ringing in the ears (like Myles Kennedy). As a result, he always turned on the loudest guitar amp in the band, and 10 times, 9 times Steven couldn't hear what he was singing, leading to him often having to put his hands in his ears to hear him sing – if not, how can sing (?!?!!). So they quarreled.

Steven recounted the time Joe was sitting on the sofa playing a riff, when Steven caught it and said "toys, toys, toys..." which later became "Toys In The Attics". Getting excited, Steven wouldn't allow Joe to stop. Come on, Joe plays more and more hard, lying on the couch while Steven dances around and perfects the lyrics of "go on Joe, come on again...". Actually, Joe was lying down and playing the piano because Steven was dancing, which hided the T.V he was watching: "are you done singing? let me see more ".

With his brother Joe Perry (and drug), Steven seemed to reach the realm of creativity. He could write night and day, he was always mumbling what to write in his head, how to sing that line, how to spit out words, why does Janie have a gun, why Dude looks like a lady, etc... For example in "Sweet emotion", isn't it beautiful if he writes like this:

Standing in front just shake your ass/Take you backstage you can drink from my glass

Talk about something you can sure understand/ Cause a month on the road and I'll be eating from your hand

Or as in “Same Old Song and Dance”:

Gotcha with the cocaine they found with your gun/ No smoothy face lawer to getcha undone

Say love ain't the same on the south side of town/ You could look, but you ain't gonna find it around


It was firmly but also very quickly. Aerosmith under Steven's lead and Joe Perry's cool harp hit a hat trick with Aerosmith (1973), Get Your Wings (1974), and Toys In The Attic (1975) and rose to the top to the status of America's top band almost immediately. At that time America had a super rock band playing heavy music on the Blues background, with extravagant lyrics and rich melodies that could counterbalance the occupiers from across the Atlantic. Aerosmith achieved rapid success not only because of hard work, but also because of the rigor of the art: "okay" or "okay" was never in their dictionary. Even before he was famous, Steven made the whole band act like they were stars. It never happened that Aerosmith wore street clothes to go on stage: Steven's clothes and hair were all chosen, and the fastest clothes were to imitate the style of the English Blues players themselves: the Rolling Stones. Walking, gestures, and speaking style have been in the blood of these 5 young men, so that by the time they started selling discs, American audiences who were waiting to be conquered did not have to wait any longer.  What about the inspiration for the Toxic Twins? Stones had Keith Richards and Mick Jagger, Kinks had Ray and Dave Davies, never mind, who influenced Aerosmith was obvious.

Once, Aerosmith was playing in Tennessee, in the South of the United States, and Steven started "motherf*kin..." and that, without knowing the state's laws, they didn't allow them to swear in public. The police were waiting in the back, "no more swearing. One more sentence and we'll arrest you” – “Okay, let's try!” "Well, try it. You don't like people in the North here" (!!!).


Of course, how could Steven hold back? After telling the lighting director to turn off the lights when he finished singing the last song "Mamakin", Aerosmith jumped off the stage and ran to the emergency exit, only to… crash his head into the waiting police: “You'll be shot. just treat us like n*gg*” – “Didn't you know that n*gg* is a pejorative term that cowardly white people come up with” Steven replied – and ate a kick in the stomach. The whole Aerosmith band was in prison until morning when someone bailed out. It sounded like the pioneering hip hop group N.W.A and the story that went down in history for clashing with Detroit police after “Fucking that police”more than a decade later?

Drug was also what made you very creative. This was not tell about music. For example, these guys often hided drugs on stage in upside-down drums, put them in paper cups and had a straws. When there was a chance, the men ran behind the drum, picked up a towel as if to wipe the sweat, and immediately the crew raised the glass, took a breath, and then started playing again. From the outside, it looked like drinking Coca-Cola.

Or like once they were caught by airport customs because they found a packet of white powder in their luggage – “Swear, never seen that. Definitely from the crazy fans prank with us!”. Smarter?? – Your drugs were already in the envelope with the words “To the super champion Aerosmith. Pay your respects." Sign (any) and then proudly put it in the drum kit.

Thanks to legendary bands and stories  (or anecdotal?) like Aerosmith, Rock n Roll was therefore probably great music to listen to and write, not something that can be easily bring to the screen. The language in Rock n Roll probably stimulated the imagination far beyond any directed imagery.

Steven's writing language was, therefore, as bare as the rock star's real life (which at times felt like he was cutting it, because it was so fantasy). Many readers sometimes closed the book halfway because they could not stand its filth, but they could not stop being curious to open it again because of its brain-busting attraction. Sex and drugs were on the paper. What was more curious for the adventurous but cowardly heads. Not to mention, Steven could write jokes like this and sing proudly in the '70s, as in "Back in the saddle":

Fools gold out of the mines/ The girls are soakin' wet

No tongue's drier than mine/ I'll come when I'm back

It was needless to say that the world of artists like Steven was aware of the dangers of drugs very early on. As soon as he started smoking weed, young Steven realized that being high meant he had lost his ability to listen to the air. He was terrified when he realized he could no longer feel the stillness he loved, where he could feel the space between two notes. But he did not give up drugs.

Then Steven once laughed at celebs in the 70s who burned millions on drugs, even they went on bankrupt: "Bitch, you never let that happen" As a result, Steven Tyler burned through $20 million and went on bankrupt in 1983.


And the worst part was that it caused Aerosmith to disband (indirectly, eh?). People could see the band playing together for 40 yearsand disbanding for 2 years, but perhaps Steven understood better than anyone how boring it was to make music without the brothers around it, especially when he was still bankrupt and managed only $20 a day to hold his breath. The story was that Steven's wife and Joe's wife had an argument and one girl spilled a bag of milk on the other (of course they were as high as they were). Steven (under the influence of drugs) shouted at Joe Perry: "you are fired". Finally, Steven didn't understand why Joe (also under the influence of drugs) also believed and followed (Who was the boss in the band?)

So it's no wonder that Steven had a grudge against Joe Perry's wife and sang about her in the song "Sweet emotions":

You talk about things that nobody cares/ You're wearing out things that nobody wears

Calling my name but I gotta make clear/ I can't tell ya honey where I'll be in year


But then talent and luck accrued from little things like from Run D.M.C's proposal for "Walk this way", Aerosmith and then it also returned to success in the late 80s after reuniting. The brothers continued to take drugs for another decade until the 90s. In his book, Steven admitted that after 2000 he relapsed several times when he had to take painkillers because he was old or sick. So I'm not sure if he was so bored when he went to American Idol to see if it was due to the effects of drugs, forgetfulness, painkillers.

Rock Star's life turned out to be full of fantasy also because of the surrounding people who were sponging on them: management, election, succession, crew, which created a layer of insulation that made artists famous since they were famous at very young. They were seemingly unable to mature. Book a hotel? Fly a private jet to the show? Buy a nice car?  Rock stars sometimes did not know simple things like calling to make a reservation because they all had crews around to take care of them. The drugs were all given to Aerosmith by one of the managers. It included that each person's taste was served. Do not wonder where the manager bought that number. It was not surprising that even 20 million dollars was also digested through the nose.

Oops, it hasn't mentioned LI3 yet. It was the Least Interesting Three (or the Trilogy of Least Words), as Tom Hamilton, Brad Witford, and Joey Kramer called themselves during interviews with the Rolling Stones. The Toxic Twins were the quietest but most solid framework for their brilliance and with all due respect, Steven and Joe never joked about LI3 with their three low-key brothers. Remember the day the Rogue Couple broke up, Brad and Joey fell separated. And more than anyone, Steven understood how bad Aerosmith's music was in Night In The Ruts (1979) and Rock In A Hard Place (1982) at that time.


See, just like the story should be understood from within the written lines, the beauty of the song lied in the space-time of two notes.

It's Steven Tellerico with good writing or words, so to speak. I just quote.

See you again.

P/S: Joe Perry has been still cool as usual. When he returned to Aerosmith, he bought a new generation Gibson that could tune himself. Now I really need Steven's help. Stopping his pride, Steven jumped in to play with the guitar with Joe and tried all kinds of things, twisting all the strings to see if it tensed up on its own. And that prank became the opening sequence of “Taste of India” on Nine Lives (1997), my favorite Aerosmith record.

Now, let's meet again.