7 Extremely Simple Ways To Make Your Old House More Impressive And Valuable!

The following ways are really practical and easy to do, you just need to invest a little time. Just start today and tomorrow, you may not recognize your old house.

Although people consider the house to be just a basic thing, there is no need to pay much attention to it. But really it's a long-term investment that can give you very good returns. It is more than just health for the long-term or if you plan to sell it in the short-term. Whether you've just moved in recently, or have been with your home for a long time, it's important that when you put it up for sale, you need to make the buyer feel the true value of the house including everything from its outside to its inside. In essence, you really need more money to move to a bigger new place, or you need an extra one to cover an investment.

So the question is that what should I do now to make my home look more impressive and worthwhile in the eyes of buyers?

There are many ways that you can improve the value of your home, before you sell it to someone such as hiring a designer or a professional repair team. Most projects will cost a decent amount of money however it is not the only way. The following things are really simple and easy to do but surprisingly powerful. You don't believe it, do you? Follow our guidelines below and increase the value of your property!


1.Improve the facade of the house

facade of the house

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Don't think that the interior, utility or function of the house can mask its appearance. The category does not apply when customers evaluate the value of properties. Remember that the first impressions always create a strong desire to discover the elegance and full utility of real estate. What really attracts to buyers will definitely increase the value of the house.

To create a highlight for the house, it is not necessary to invest expensively. First of all, you should clean up the land and the yard right in front of your house. The you should trim all the shrubs and overgrown trees that affect the buyer's perspective, and remove weeds. Remember clearing the front area will simply highlight the beauty of your home.

When buying or planting more trees, remember to check the similar trees and groups of plants that complement each other. Don't just focus on the trees. Let's add more color, and planting a variety of trees with different heights is also a great way. Create the contrary with colorful figurines and stones. A long line of trees or nets that follow the path leading to the backyard is wonderful to attract the buyers.

Backyard with solar lights, hanging on trees and creating shimmering light for the night. Your guests will be very impressed if they suddenly stop by at night.


2.Color – Indispensable spice to make a difference

Color of the houes

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You must think I'm joking when I say "the easiest and most simple way to fix a house is to repaint it", Oh no, I'm not kidding at all. New color is a great way to upgrade the look of your home, especially when it's old, frayed, and discolored over time. And it's also a very cheap way. But don't choose a color haphazardly, choose a color that is trendy and the area you are in a bit, it will look more trendy.

You can hire a consultant for your house, the price is not expensive because they only give advice. Then you drive to the nearest paint store, choosing a reputable store and the best paint labels if possible. At the store, there are certainly instructions for you to mix paint colors, they will also advise you on the trend of the year, the popular paint color of the month. And the store provides that information completely free of charge.

When you repaint the house , remember to emphasize areas such as window frames , shutters, and columns , of course , great accents. Remember to choose colors for these locations to be darker or lighter depending on your taste or advice. Remember to paint the doors darker. You can install an LED light with a powerful diffuser just outside the front door.

Currently, there are many applications for you to try virtual paint.


3.Kitchen – where buyers usually look first


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Ask yourself when you purchase the house, where do you usually look first? It is  the kitchen, right? Upgrade it now to add value to the house. Transform your old kitchen into a more elegant, efficient and attractive place.

If you're short on budget, then just repainting the cabinets, re-polishing the sink is a great idea.

But if you have a lot of money, there is nothing more to say about buying more modern and stainless cooking equipment. Buyers will be amazed when they visit your newly remodeled kitchen. Stainless appliances are always at the top when it comes to a kitchen. And it really makes a big impression to buyers, according to a survey of real estate agents.


4.Add some music to your bathroom


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The bathroom is another important part of the home that your potential customers will love to visit, the place where everyone relaxes after the stresses of life.

Change the floor tile today, make sure it is not so worn that it causes people to slip. Adding a few simple changes, like adding a vanity cabinet. All women does love a vanity.  Install of a new shower if you have a lot of money. Now you can install the control panel for the shower, the wall mounted type is very hot.


5.The bedroom is neat, tidy and clean, so what is more?


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As soon as you step into the bedroom, you can feel warm and perfect carpet, right?  Create a few more accents, use more colors, textures for your windows, very strange.

It will make the curtains look much more elegant. Use the same curtains, pillowcases and bed sheets, it will look elegant and show that the owner has a lot of taste. It is cheap but it will help your bedroom to be more classical and perfect.

Let's fix the wardrobe by repainting or replacing the handles that have been used for many years. If your room is small, you should add a large mirror. It can make the room feel much larger, and women also love mirrors.


6.An inner Patio too


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The house has a courtyard inside, which sounds more majestic and impressive. The buyers will be eager to own it. Although you can make a patio, it doesn't have to be big and simple.

You can order a simple wooden or concrete floor plan, which depends on the location and location of the patio in your home. Let’s buy a gazebo or parasol, set up a set of tables and chairs, and add lights if possible.


7.The trend now is to save energy

save energy

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Conserve and use less energy will greatly increase the value of your home. Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEMs) will offer a larger loan to buyers and homeowners who have a plan to install the energy-saving devices. Insulation stickers, double-glazed windows, energy-saving glass, led lights, more energy-saving equipment, solar panels. It will really reduce your electricity bill a lot. You will receive free support and advice from energy-saving staff.

Home is an indispensable need for each of us, and it also creates a long-term profit. With small improvement by attractive impression to you and buyers, it is really worth a try!


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