6 Ways Of Dress Combination With Men's Trousers

Men Trouser (or pants) is a common and familiar outfit for men, but for this type of pants to help you become stylish and elegant, you need to know how to coordinate it with other outfits. Every year, men have new fashion trends, following new and very personal styles. Although trousers are an old outfit, through new ways of dressing, everyone will realize youthfulness. The pants are no longer boring when we just wear them at work.

We will now bring you the following 6 extremely elegant ways to coordinate your outfits with trousers:


Trousers and suit


Trousers and vests are always the standards and first choice for men at important events. Style and color will definitely bring elegant beauty, luxury, and charm to you. Choose an outfit that you can change a bit, bringing a very attractive romantic look.

Trousers are not only in dark tones such as black, navy blue, or charcoal purple but also in other colors such as brown, gray, white, red. You can combinate with pants of the same or different tones, but it is best to have harmony in the color of the outfit.

One note for you when selecting a suit is to choose the suit that fits, especially your shoulders. Do not wear a suit that is too tight or too loose because this will not only make you uncomfortable but also lose your politeness and elegance.

You should wear a pair of black or brown pointed-toe shoes.


Trousers and a plain shirt

I don’t think we need to talk more about this combination anymore. Because it is too familiar and common to men. But not every

But not every shirt style is suitable for trousers, for example, if you choose a loose T-shirt or a classic trend shirt, you will look like you are out of phase.

Nhưng không phải kiểu áo nào cũng thích hợp với quần tây, điển hình như nếu bạn chọn kiểu áo sơ mi phông rộng hay áo sơ mi thiên hướng cổ điển, trông bạn sẽ như bị lệch pha. Plain shirt and trousers are the perfect pair for guys because it is classy and very elegant too.

Combining patterned or plaid trousers with a plain single-colored shirt will bring excitement for you when you go out with friends.


Combine with a patterned shirt

Wearing plain shirts and trousers all the time will start to make you look boring. Try a little variation, you should try men's shirts with plaid or stripes. If you are thin, you should pick shirts with bigger plaids. It will make you look bigger. Otherwise, you should pick the opposite – the smaller stripes. This makes you look smaller.

The polka dot shirt is also a good choice, you can wear it to work or everyday casual wear is very good. The polka dot shirt makes you look very active

Talking about colors, men are often associated with a well-groomed, polite image, so neutral colors are suitable for style, such as gray, black, and white.

For a fun walk or hanging out with friends, you can choose a floral-patterned shirt. I will look very active and young. This type of pattern is often accompanied by colorful, vibrant colors such as red, blue, yellow, etc.

If you aim for a masculine and sexy image, choose Paisley or brocade motifs. One of the favorite but unusual motifs of men. This pattern is delicate, not monotonous at all because it is made very meticulously. Patterns such as flowers, sun, trees are printed in very beautiful squares. The color patches of the shirt bring a wild, mysterious feeling in the Boho style.


How about a t-shirt?

A simple polo shirt, combined with your favorite trousers and a pair of loafers. It is simple, dynamic, and suitable for an active Friday night with friends. This style helps diversify your image, keeping it youthful but still polite for men. A pair of loafers or sports shoes, European-style shoes are perfect. However, please pay attention to the following points if you choose this type of outfit:

  • The shirt should be just right, neither too tight nor too baggy. The loose shirt style is only suitable for jeans and khakis.
  • Choosing the length of the pants. The length should last to the ankle or a little above the ankle. This would be perfect and fit just right, creating comfort for the owner. The length of the pants is slightly high to create dynamism, suitable for polo shirts.

My favorite color for a pair of trousers is gray. When paired with a blue polo shirt, it makes me look energetic.

If you do not have a polo shirt, it is still very good to combine with a rounded-neck t-shirt. So, with a pair of sneakers, this set is suitable for all activities of your day.

Don't be afraid to try a new outfit combination!


Combine with Cardigan

A combination of light and elegant, comfortable. This look is street style. Team it up with a shirt underneath and you're ready to go to the bar. If you choose this style, your pants should be a little tight.


Trousers and sweaters

Put those thick jeans and jackets in the drawer for now. Pants with a sweater make you warmer and more polite. More than that, trousers also offer more comfort than jeans.

You should choose pants in neutral colors, combined with well-fitted sweaters. Do not choose too tight or too loose, as it will lose politeness. The classic round-neck sweater gives you dynamism and flexibility.

If you like the unique styles, the Aran jumper is the best choice for you. The texture of this sweater is woven, so it is not only aesthetic but also contains the culture and history associated with the Irish. This sweater can be paired with any pants you have. Gilè Sweater is popular among young men, because of the style The freedom, and comfort it brings, suitable for not too cold days.



How to choose shoes to go with pants?

You have chosen your favorite style of trousers, accompanied by the right shirt but wearing a pair of out-of-the-ordinary shoes will bring the opposite effect. So, choosing the right shoes with the right budget is not easy at all.

As we mentioned above, depending on the set of clothes you mix, you should choose a pair of luxurious leather shoes, strong masculine loafers, or dynamic sports shoes. Going to the office definitely requires you to have a few pairs of leather shoes. If your company is quite comfortable in terms of dress and does not require a standard suit, you can replace it with loafers.

If you go for a walk, hang out or travel, you can mix it with sports shoes. Both of them are comfortable, cool, and limit foot pain.

Many types of trousers are designed to flatter the wearer's figure. In addition, the rolled-up pants can also be combined with a variety of sports shoes or brown leather shoes. Depending on the situation you can choose to wear socks or not.

Men often love neutral, or dark colors such as beige, gray, gray, or light green, ocher. Neutral colors bring maturity and courtesy.


Socks must match the color of the pants

The socks play the role of creating a connection between the pants and the shoes, so it plays a pretty important role and enhances the beauty of the pants.

Most men often wear socks with the color of their pants, but this is an old concept. The rule is that to choose socks that are one tone darker than your pants. The reason is when you take off your shoes or sit down to chat, if your socks are the same color as your pants, you'll look neat and trustworthy in the eyes of the opposite sex.

You should use high socks!!


How about the belt?

The belt should match the color of the trousers you intend to wear. The belt is what separates you from the crowd who also wears the same style as you. It is the highlight of the outfit.



The tie should match the color of the shirt and pants you are mixing. It is better to wear the suit that you intend to wear when trying on a tie. Don't choose to buy a tie just because it looks good or just because "you like it". The tie when standing alone and when wearing would be very different.

You should have a basic understanding of the ratio of the tie to the body. The salesperson will advise you very specifically. Cleverly swapping out different accessories gives you a fresh color as well.

If you are young, choose a small tie.


We hope that the above sharing will help you confidently choose the best set of clothes every day of the week.