5 Ways That Experts Recommend To Identify Fake Louis Vuitton Bags

In reference to Bags & Purses, it is a big omission without mentioning the Louis Vuitton brand. This brand is known as the king in the world of hand-bag. Louis Vuitton purse is an endless dream and passion for any fashionista in anywhere.

When mentioning to the leading brand of the fashion village, it also mentions to the most counterfeited luxury bag brand on the market today.

LMVH Group, the parent corporation that owns the Louis Vuitton bag brand, spends tens of millions of dollars each year, even hundreds of millions on protecting their customers from counterfeits that are rampant in the market. The president of the international anti-counterfeiting association commended and recognized the corporation's efforts in the fight against counterfeiting. The luxury Louis Vuitton brand is also researching new strategies and methods to give their customers absolute peace of mind when shopping online.

Purchasing items from legitimate sellers, accredited and authorized Louis Vuitton sellers is the best way to protect yourself from the dangers of buying fake item. It protects customer from disappointment and unnecessary financial loss. And because authentic Louis Vuitton bags are never cheap. Because of the original Italian leather with the craftsmanship of the world's leading masters of craftsmanship, this is a lucrative bait for criminals dealing in counterfeit goods.

Sometimes buying a fake item is just because we choose to buy a fake. In reality, the seller admits that the item is not the real thing, and the buyer agrees to that because their budget is limited. But, if the seller deliberately deceives customers with products that are copied with the utmost sophistication, which are difficult to detect by ordinary skills, then it is dangerous and difficult to find. As the Louis Vuitton clone factories become smarter and more skilled, you should pay attention to the smallest details.

The following are ways to detect fake Louis Vuitton bags for ordinary customers, the recognition skill is only at a basic level.


Pay attention to logos and monograms

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One of the most popular ways to check out the Louis Vuitton bags that people should know, especially with monogram bags, is to look at the pattern on the case. Real Louis Vuitton bags with the classic LV logo are always symmetrical. The L will always be lower than the V. If you find that the letters look misaligned, out of proportion, or not perfectly aligned, it's definitely a fake bag.

It is essential to look closely at the placement and consistency of the monogram pattern. You'll notice the order of a strip should be fleur-de-lis, a circle, then another fleur-de-lis and the LV logo. The next interlaced strip will contain fleur-de-lis.

In case your bag is made of Damier Ebene fabric, the “Louis Vuitton Paris” logo, this square logo is usually located on the same line on both sides of the bag.

As for the logo motifs, let’s see if they are truly handmade. The item looks good and perfectly proportionate . For example, the logo of the Maison often writes two lines "Louis Vuitton Paris".


Stitch performed at the top level

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Check out the art in the needlework of the Louis Vuitton bags you're about to buy. Louis Vuitton bags like Gucci and other luxury goods, the stitches will be perfectly straight and the same length, without deviation. The artisans who make these bags are incredibly skilled, they can calculate all the stitches on all the bags to match. It is amazing, isn't it?. Today, the company changes the number of stitches between collections in order to make it difficult for counterfeiters who are also very clever to copy the real bags . Any hanging stitches will have to be a red flag.

Louis Vuitton bags often have mustard-colored stitching rather than bright yellow, which most counterfeiters can't replicate the right color of stitch.

There is also the leather that goes into making the bag, which is always cut to fit and perfect . If you see bubbles on the leather, any creases, or any misalignment due to some way of fitting, we recommend that you do not purchase the bag.


Hardware is made of copper exquisitely and beautifully

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Louis Vuitton uses hardware made of pure brass, which is extremely the most high-end , visually appearing matte or extremely shiny with a dominant yellow color. What about zippers and buckles? Extremely shiny, I mean extremely, extremely like a mirror, it can reflect even you on it.

The zipper on genuine Louis Vuitton’s products will not be jerked when you use it. They are extremely smooth and easy to use. Louis Vuitton guarantees that all zippers are made by themselves, instead of  using any other third party to supply the goods.

Watch out for hardware that isn't covered with plastic, as counterfeits are often covered with plastic, of course, to ensure they don't tarnish. Meanwhile, real goods do not need to be wrapped in plastic because they never tarnish. It's great, isn't it?

Each piece of original metal is engraved with Louis Vuitton, looking closely will see the precision and extremely well crafted, no abnormalities.


Vachetta's leather darkens over time

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The leather used to make the handle of the Louis Vuitton bag is called Vachetta leather, this Vachetta leather is made from unprocessed natural European calf leather, so it will oxidize and darken over time.

Counterfeit goods are not dark but have stripes that remain light yellow after a long time of use. Real skin darkens to a golden , shiny and beautiful color over time .



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Real Louis Vuitton bags don't come with any tags to authenticate, but don't worry, the inside of the bag contains a unique stamp with the date code, in the lining showing the  original. This code varies according to the location where the bag originated, not only in France but also in Italy, USA, Spain, Germany, Switzerland.

After 80's, Louis Vuitton used a 6-character- code stamp for its luxury bags. The first two characters are 2 letters, is the location / country code, the remaining four characters are the numbers showing the month and year of manufacture, Louis Vuitton is still constantly updating stamps. From 2007, the number represents the week and year of manufacture, back to 1980, Louis Vuitton never stamped the time on their bags.

Pay extra attention to the stamp on the inside, Louis Vuitton has been faithful to one font for many years, and the most visible letter is the "O" in the word Vuitton. It is certainly perfectly round . The double TT in Vuitton also looks like they're about to touch each other. In the letter L, the straight line is longer than the horizontal line. The Louis Vuitton logo sits neatly in the center of the stamp, its mean perfectly centered on a square piece of leather, sewn with mustard thread.

If you doubt the provenance of a new or used Louis Vuitton bag you're about to buy, use a few simple tips above and double check. Make sure you get what you pay for.

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