4 Tips To Choose Fashion Accessories That All Stylists Know

Let’s learn how to elevate your style by choosing the accessories that fit you best.

 So, the first question is that “what are fashionable accessories?”

In fashion, clothes and makeup are the core component while the accessories are the additional elements to increase your personal values and express your personality through the combination of small items such as jewelry, bags, shoes. Fashion accessories consist of many small parts. While it maintains the actual main functions that an item provides, the majority of these items aims to complement and highlight the outfit, which means to complete your outfit. Fashion accessories allow you to add more energy and creativity to old items in your wardrobe with some ingenious and effective combinations that are bring surprise

In my opinion, there are 6 main types of fashion accessories that are the basic category but they are not too complicating.



It's really not like the rest of the accessories, you need to wear shoes every day, that's obvious. It's important to have a few neutral shoes to support your daily activities in your closet (for example is white sneakers, nude high heels, black flats, and black boots or brown ), which is dependent on your preference . But boots are another story. It elevates appearance, especially for women when they wear boots at events . The secret is very simple. It means that you should choose shoes that are fashionable for you but it’s still comfortable. I repeat that these shoes are really comfortable or you will not want to put them on your feet again.




Let take a look at your jewelry box, it's not much. They are just a few watches, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, or jewelry that brings sparkle to their owners. Actually, many people are not used to wearing jewelry, that's okay. But you can get used to it quickly. Let’s try with delicate items like small diamond studs, a thin earring or a necklace, with a pendant that's just right and subtle. The jewelry with a bit of a classic is good . Actually, these classical items go with almost anything. Any one doesn't love classical jewelry.



3.Hair accessories

These items really help you to show off your personality. Check your items, or upgrade them, or replace the "colorful hair elastics" with soft silk hair ties. Replace a simple hairclip with ,multicolored acetate, lightweight, and so many styles.

Hair accessories



There are many types of bags from clutches to totes. Each item is suitable for different occasions and purposes. This is addictive accessories for women. If you have a lot of bags , you will never have to worry about your old style .




“Belts are not just for belts”, they are a genuine accessory. There are narrow and wide items. There are also elegant and smooth ones or embellished with stones or decorative patterns. They help you to loop the belt around your waist. Or creating a highlight right at the waist is an easy way to make an impression on the outfit.



6.Winter accessories

 Winter with scarves , hats and gloves , those accessories I bet a lot of you own them. Maybe you don't know that if you choose colorful winter accessories when wearing a neutral nude jacket, it helps you to stand out.

Winter accessories



So what is the trick to choosing the right accessories?

  1. Choose only one accessory that is unique to you: It's hard to choose one. While there are dozens of accessories in front of you, the trick is to choose the one that makes you feel really great when you put it on. And you can wear it with many outfits.
  2. Think about colors and textures: Colors help you to stand out and accessories also work. Therefore, you should choose accessories with pops of color to accentuate a simple outfit. It is not a bad combination. Too bright colors or animal motifs can make many people feel uncomfortable and childish, so you should choose vibrant, playful, and easy-to-match styles like shoes, belts, scarves and scarves or brightly colored necklace.
  3. Use accessories to completely transform an outfit: it's hard, but accessories can really easily turn the outfit you're wearing to work into an outfit that you can go to dinner with friend . The classic black dress you still wear to work with a blazer and a pair of flats if you replace it with a pair of heel , a shirt other than a blazer . you should add a pair of earrings and a cocktail ring. Just look, you're ready to go on party with your friends. Be prepared with some accessories for the occasions when you can't afford to change the whole outfit.
  4. Accessories don't always have to match: If you're not sure how to coordinate your accessories, remember to consider the color. You should remember to highlight accessories to focus on a neutral background, then use the wheel colors and gradually add bold colors together.