21 Low-Budget DIY Ideas To Redecorate Your House

DIY decoration has always been a common favorite thing of many people. Nothing is better than light up your habitations while saving a great deal of money. This is a chance for you to embed your creativity and style into every corner of your lovely house.

Today, we want to present to you some simple ideas to redecorate your rooms. These ideas will give you a variety of styles and options for decoration. They are very to do, cheap and you can totally do it yourself.


1.Use neutral-colored furniture. Neutral-colored furniture will easily fit perfectly with everything and bond the whole living room together. They also highlight your interior spotlight. This spotlight can be a unique chandelier, which has to be the center of all attention. Its warm atmosphere will light up your room. neutral color


2.Replace your old carpet with another carpet. Buy it or make it yourself. Retro or Modern style. As long as it brings a brand-new color and features to your room, It will be an ideal carpet.


3.Paint your interior wall with a brighter color. It is always a great deal to spend money on high-quality paint. Good paint will maintain a great tone of color for a longer period. Put your brush into good use and turn the boring wall into a work of art with your own drawing or framed painting.


4.Wallpaper in the kitchen could actually save you some money while bringing to you a whole new “taste” of fresh air. A great choice of wallpaper could actually flavor and energize your meals. In addition, wallpaper is also hygienic and easy to clean.


5.Replace your old set of curtains with the new one. The new set should be in suitable color and material with other furniture. A thick curtain is preferred for a room that requires some darkness or privacy.


6.Put one little flowerpot or tree pot beside your bed. Cartus, Succulent, and snake plants are my personal favorite. And they even release oxygen at night.


7.If you got some time, we highly recommend you to directly discuss with an experienced interior designer or carpenter. They always have valuable pieces of advice, which you can always apply in the decoration of your house.


8.If the area in your house is limited, try to use multi-functional furniture. It saves you a lot of space and a great deal of money. It could save you from the trouble of arranging items in your house. You are also provided the choices of functions.


9.Get retro furniture from the second-hand market. It might need some effort and creativity to turn it into an amazing decoration in your bedroom. A bronze or wooden retro item could bring back to you the sweet memories of childhood. 


10.If you are an art-lover but you cannot afford expensive artwork. You don’t have to buy them from a famous artist. Beauty is also in the eye of the beholder. Browse the market to find hidden gems from less famous or unknown artists. As long as it fits your taste and space where you put it, it’s good to go


11.Take a look at photos on Instagram and Pinterest. Gather ideas and advice on design and architect magazines. There are hundreds of simple ideas out there for you to try with absolutely no cost.


12.Copy ideas from the houses of your friends and your relatives. You can see how an idea is executed in real life. Look closely into the details of spacing, colors, etc.. so you can apply the idea to your case.


13.Use wheeled – furniture. A wheeled drawer or wheeled bed gives you ease when you want to move furniture around your house. You can easily rearrange the house anytime you want, which gives you more options when you go shopping. 


14.Wall-mounted tree pot is a current trend you definitely try. Green is always welcomed in any home. If you do, try the type of tree which requires less light and less water.


15.Repaint all your chairs – an easy way to give them a completely new look.


16.Draw your own artwork, if you’ve got some skill in your hands


17.Pallet woods can be recycled into reading chairs. Super vintage, cute, and totally DIY.


18.Buy cute little pillow covers with pictures of animals, flowers, your favorite bands, or an inspiring quote. A bright cover is recommended since it will give you the light-up energy. 


19.If you love photography, instead of art photos, how about your own awesome ones. Because anyone can be a great photographer. Why not you? 


20.Use neon color for the light in the study corner. They will love it. You can have them paint with you. And just like that, you have another family activity


21.Replace boring doorknob and handle with colorful one. There are many options of handle that you can totally order online. 


If you don’t have enough space in your house and you have trouble with interior decoration. Here are some bits of advice from experts for you:  

  • Shouldn’t decorate with too many dark items. Dark items will make your habitation look cramped while bright items enlarge your room. 
  • The wallpaper shouldn’t include too many small patterns. Too many small patterns gave you confusion. Moreover, these types of wallpapers make the room look smaller than it actually is. 
  • The furniture shouldn’t be too big compared to the size of the room. Only small and medium-sized furniture is recommended. For example: if you have an excessive couch in your living room, you will barely have space for anything else. 
  • Consider removing the curtains if there isn’t much light in your area. Another idea is changing the material of the curtain. New material should be lighter, softer, or brighter-colored.



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