17 Things Women Should Remember To Have A Perfect Wedding Ceremony

Following the previous post, today we come with some more tips to make sure that you have a perfect wedding day. Keep in mind that these are just a few tips because we know you've been planning your wedding for a very very long time.

Going through a passionate love time, couples will celebrate together a particularly important holiday, going together until the end of their lives. Any insider will feel a little worried, nervous and happy on this special day. Following these steps will give you a lot of peace of mind and have a great wedding.


Go to bed early the night before the wedding day


We understand that the night before the wedding day is the most difficult day for the bride and groom to sleep because they are both worried and happy. You may have a bachelor party, but the thing to remember is to go to bed early to feel comfortable for the next day. There's nothing like a wedding with a perfect bride.


Full breakfast


Both of them worked very hard to prepare everything for the wedding ceremony, however, on the wedding day, the two still had to move and receive guests a lot. So both need a lot of energy, and breakfast that day is indispensable. Remember not to skip breakfast, no matter how stressful it is. Ensure a breakfast at a relative level, nutritious and quick.


Wear a shirt when making hair


A shirt is best when you're doing your hair, for the simple reason that if you wear a t-shirt, when you have to change it, taking it off will ruin the hairstyle you just lost. A shirt dress, or better yet, your husband's shirt is best.


Visualize everything that happens and make a list


A plan for the big day is never too much, a list so you can do everything in order to avoid confusion as well as control the best situation.

This is best you should ask the bridesmaids, not the groomsmen, women are often more careful in these matters.


Have an exchange with the groomsmen


The groomsmen will be more than happy to help with your party, but if you want to keep your wedding day elegant; Or if someone in the groomsmen team has a slightly liberal personality, you can talk to the groomsmen team in advance so that everyone can be organized in action. The groomsmen just wanted some excitement for the day.


Wedding day cannot be without a new pair of shoes


You can go ahead with your new shoes to get used to your feet. New pair of shoes should have time to be stretched in order to create comfort. Or you can use the trick that we discussed in the previous post, put a few ice packs in your shoes and put them all in the freezer, keeping them for 8-10 hours is best. Try it !


Don't make yourself a perfumer


Too much perfume can backfire. A lot of people are allergic to strong perfume scents, you can make everyone at the party uncomfortable. Using the right amount, creating a feeling of gentleness and friendliness is the best.


Hire a wedding coordinator


The coordinator is like a director, they have a lot of knowledge in organizing and experience with many weddings before. And they know what to do to make your wedding go smoothly, family and friends can comfortably enjoy the party. The two of you will also relieve a lot of the burden, but it will cost you a bit more for this guy.


It's time for you to need your groomsmen and bridesmaids


There's loads of logistics going on and you don't have a coordinator, you can't handle it yourself because you're the center of the party. Ask the groomsmen and bridesmaids, they will be happy to help you.


Take selfie with a smart-phone!


Although you already have your own wedding photographer, taking a selfie with friends and family with your phone will enrich your photos. Don't be afraid to capture memorable moments and put them in the album. I'm sure your friends will love posting these on social media too.


Don't carry a phone with you


The phone will distract you from the ceremony and miss the moment with everyone. After taking a selfie, you can send the phone to the bridesmaid or someone close to you, so you should only use it to receive important calls. Wedding day is not the right time to be on the phone all the time.


Take a deep breath


When entering the ceremony, every bride will be in a nervous and confused mood, take a deep breath, smile brightly, straighten your back and hold your head high. Confidence and relaxation will help you look your best. Remember everyone is here to support you.


Ensure a solemn atmosphere for the wedding ceremony


The host will ask the guests to keep order, and all head to the stage to bless the young couple.


More pictures with multiple groups


Family, friends, important people to you remember to always have a few photos with each group so you don't want to miss the opportunity to take a photo with anyone.


Drink enough


If you decide not to drink alcohol on this happy day, that's pretty cool. However, if you use it, keep it low. Who knows what actions you will take if you drink too much. You still have many opportunities to drink with people, keep yourself sober and polite. Make sure you are satisfied.


Choose the songs you want to listen to


The band or DJ will play your favorite music, of course, make a list in advance and send it to them.


Always smile


Always smile and say thank you to everyone, today is your happiest day and everyone took the time to come and enjoy this celebration with you.



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