11 Essential Things To Have A Perfect Wedding Venue

In life, everyone has to go through the stages of planning important things, getting into college, getting married, having a wedding, having their first child, etc. And having a wedding ceremony is one of the happiest events in a person's life. So, making sure everything goes smoothly and perfectly is always a top wish.

Deciding where to hold a wedding ceremony is often very difficult for couples. It is also very expensive. Make sure the two of you have agreed on as much detail as possible. If so, you are good to go together to preview all the potential venues on the list. Of course, if you're on a tight budget, it won't be possible to cover all of the requirements for a venue, so we'll take a look at what should be prioritized when deciding on a wedding venue. After you finish your preview, consider the options of venues that satisfy your conditions and requirements, then choose again depending on your budget.


The space is big enough

If you read the article “30 Things to remember for a complete and perfect wedding”, you might remember when we mentioned about the suitable space for each guest is 20-30 square feet.  It sounds very obvious when you say you going to choose a large enough wedding venue. However, if you do not use the above formula, you will easily miscalculate when booking the venue. The room seems very big when the two of you drop by to see it first, but since the two of you have no experience in organizing a wedding ceremony (only a few of us have experienced it more than one time), it will be difficult to imagine when the room is occupied by guests and tables. Something else that requires extra space is the bar counter, band, stage. The two of you and guests need some space to move, enjoy the event too. Some couples choose to have their wedding in their own garden, or their parents' garden, which is great but also really hard if your garden isn't big enough. If you have decided to choose a small but cozy place, consider reducing the number of guests but this is a difficult decision.



Space for dining and communication

In addition to eating and drinking, everyone also needs to take part in the fun of the party. No one wants to attend the wedding party without seeing or hearing the couple at the ceremony. So be smart in the seating arrangement, sound system as well as the arrangement of tables and chairs so that it will be convenient for moving and enjoying the party. However, visualizing and then arranging the sound is quite difficult because you are just a novice, so our advice is that you work with an event planning specialist, they have a lot of experience and are very professional, too.

The event organizer will plan to arrange everything in the room, arrange tables and chairs reasonable accessories in a reasonable order. This will make your ceremony go smoothly and comfortably. Moreover, it will also reduce the pressure on the two of you when you have to arrange to do something that you are not specialized in.



Privacy needs to ensure.

This depends on your personality and desire to organize your wedding. Some want their wedding to take place in open, airy spaces such as a public place like park, beach, zoo... If you have chosen a public place, make sure you are comfortable with the number of people you do not know wandering around your wedding. Having your wedding here will attract a large number of spectators. Do you feel comfortable if many people see you when you are in the ceremony? They will take pictures and congratulate, whistle when you two kissing. Know all these things beforehand if you choose an open venue.

If you still want the open space but don't like too many strangers watching, then you have to add a budget for the rental of the venue, which can change everything. For example, a golf field, rent a campus, or a private lawn. It's not a bad idea. This can affect the overall budget of the wedding and other deficits if you intend to redistribute the budget. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, choosing a wedding venue often costs the married couple a great deal of money.

Choosing a hotel room specializing in weddings is not necessarily a guarantee of absolute privacy, because hotels usually serve many weddings at the same time. You will easily hear off-tone music from the next room or other wedding guests in the hotel. It's entirely possible to ask for your own wedding only if you're wealthy, of course. If not, you can preview and work with the person booking the appointment, choose a date with no other weddings to take place, but this is a bit difficult. I'm sure everyone will feel okay and sympathetic if there are multiple weddings going on and yours doesn't seem "very private".

A few choose to hold their dining separate from their marriage ceremony. This ensures that the party is only for diners, can be held at the restaurant, so they can simply cover the restaurant, and reduce many processes for the making process, ceremony, exchanging of rings.



Lighting for the wedding space

You may be surprised because the price of the hotel room you are going to rent is much cheaper than usual, check again because it may be blocked from daylight. If you're having a wedding in the daytime, check to see if the place has enough windows for direct daylight. Who wants to spend a beautiful and wonderful day at a wedding in a dimly lit room, and have to use electric lights to fix it? What a waste.

If it is night, the light should be prioritized for the hall where you have your wedding ceremony, followed by the entrance and the place for dancing. Adding more candles is a great idea but watch out for melted wax and safety conditions. However, do not forget that the light from the candles only plays a secondary role, no one wants to eat in a dimly lit setting. Make sure to add other types of light.

Check the place you plan to book at the exact time of the day you plan to have your party. Visualize how lighting will affect the scene you intend to set, with the help of a professional organizer. Don't forget that the main color of the wedding party under different lights will not look quite as you think. Try that first.



Visualize the wedding scene

The context of the place you rent, whether it is inside a closed hotel lobby or an open space such as a garden or park, plays a very important role. It is the background for your ceremony.

You are a perfectionist and you want your guests to feel impressed with the wedding scene you set up. So, play as a guest and see for yourself how things will play out.

If the budget is sufficient for a great scene like the mountain or raging sea background, that's great. If there is no "dream view", then focus on the decoration, the height of the ceiling, and decorative flowers are one of the important factors. Next is the pattern on the walls and ceilings of the hotel, furniture, carpeting, or the wonderful crystal chandelier that any hotel has.



Theme Color

This is what I consider very difficult for non-specialists, as mentioned above in the lighting section. Choosing the main color tone can be yours. However, the colors used for the interior, decoration, and clothing (if any) if not careful can backfire and give the party attender headache.

Regarding this, I recommend you hire and listen to experts. They have knowledge about coordinating the use of colors, since neutralizing and complementing colors is very difficult for ordinary people. Maybe after you choose the main color and the colors for the decorations you have the feeling that there is something very unpleasant when looking at it but do not realize what it is. Maybe it's because the color affecting each other’s, listen to your expert, send them the main color you want. Let them take care of the rest.



Power socket

Please ask your husband about this. Oh, man is very good at this. If your venue isn't a hotel—a place specifically designed for weddings—check to see if there are enough sockets to serve your electrical needs. Make sure there are enough wires and enough sockets to serve the band. The amount of lighting and sound is quite large. If possible, ask the person in charge of the band, ensuring electricity transmission is their specialty.



About the sound

One more thing that you can ask the band manager to check for you. Check when the band tries to rehearse before the ceremony. Check if the sound during the event is interrupted by anything else: For example, the sound of brick or thick wooden floors in a relatively closed room will greatly affect the sound quality. Let the sound person adjust everything accordingly, if that's not possible then you can consider changing the music genre, changing the band to better suit the characteristics of the place you rent.



Check the parking lot of the place you intend to rent

Large hotels may not have to worry about this problem because they have prepared a very large parking space for wedding parties. If the parking space is not enough, their task is to find an alternative place for you.

But what if you hire amateurs for hosting an event with such a large number of guests? To be sure you should double-check the parking space if you feel the parking space is in danger of being overcrowded. Consider an extra solution. Renting a parking space nearby and sending instructions to your guests via email, or with a wedding invitation is the best thing possible. If the parking lot you rent is quite far from the venue, it is likely that you will spend an extra amount on the transfer car.



A backup plan is never superfluous

Mọi chuyện đều có thể xảy ra, vì vậy nên chuẩn bị trước luôn là phương án tối ưu nhất có thể. Thậm chí mọi việc trông có vẻ hoàn hảo nhất có thể rồi nhưng nếu bất chợt trời đổ cơn mưa trong khi bữa tiệc của bạn diễn ra ngoài trời. Buổi tiệc trong khách sạn của bạn dính rắc rối nào đó đến hệ thống điện hoặc một vị thực khách gây rối. Hãy luôn chuẩn bị tinh thần cho những chuyện như vậy.

Anything can happen, so being prepared is always the best approach possible. The whole scene looks entirely perfect. But suddenly, it rains during your party taking place outdoors. The indoors scenes got an electrical issue or an annoying fight in the middle of the party. Be prepared for such things.



Standard bathroom and toilet

The clean and qualified restroom is one of the top requirements of guests. They will not want to be crowded in cramped and unsanitary places. The rooms in the hotel are certainly satisfied with this requirement. If you want you can ask the hotel to show their hygiene standards. If you hire another private location, you'll have to deal with this on your own. Make sure everything is cleaned up to ADA standards.

Above are a few problems that have been experienced and shared by the insiders. We sincerely hope to help you two have the best day of your life!



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