10 Top Tricks When Browsing And Buying An Original Painting And Artwork

In the last article, we have talked about some advice for you when doing online shopping for artwork. Today we will give you more advice so you can make sure that you will buy great original artwork and painting.

Start to think about what you are going to buy. Select the artwork that will support, contribute or bring the decoration in your house to another level. You can even change the style of the artwork by putting it in a different place – your lovely house.


mantel decor

Choose the spotlight of the whole scene

We recommend you to pick an open empty wall in your house, where everyone can easily spot and view. It will be the great spotlight of the whole complete scene. The wall on top of the mantel can easily be the favorite place to hang a painting of many people. This is a suitable place for expensive artwork. It is delicate and luxury which can really highlight the living room.


home decor

Fit together well in style

Don’t make everything too grotesque or too different with the whole scene. If your room is classy or retro, it would be better if you can hang photography or drawing, painting.  

However, in the room of more modern style, it would be better if you can put something unique, out of the box, or maybe abstract. How about a Statue. This can be a unique spotlight.


researching arts

Do your researches. A lot of researches

We always remind this again and again in many articles. Always remember to research deeply when buying expensive artwork. If possible, look for an expert consultant. In case you have already researched a lot but still can’t find suitable artwork, you can directly contact the artist or the gallery owner to request or book your own artwork that suits your room and your need.  

The research, of course, takes a lot of time. We can always trust in the research to make out decisions.


arts is yourself

The artwork is yourself

The work of art is yourself. This might sound flattering, but actually when someone goes to your house and see the room. They will think about you. The decoration is talking a lot about you, your style your personality. The artwork shows a lot about you and how you treat guests as well. For most people, this seems to be ignored, since while selecting decoration or artwork, it is already shown.


family's moments

The work of art that captures the moments

You had an amazing summer with your girlfriend or a warm Christmas with the whole family. Why you don’t pick a painting showing the sweet lingering taste of the summer, reminding the moment with her 2 years ago. How about the painting of your whole family together from that Christmas? The feeling of watching the painting carry the warm moment of your life, getting reminded by it, is surely amazing.

If you want to share that moment with your guest, what is more, beautiful than that.


living room

Keep the comfortable atmosphere

If you want to hang a picture on the wall, leave some space around the spot. Keep that spot free - Don't make it too tight.  This prevents the guest from being distracted from another nearby object and being uncomfortable seeing a wall full of various items.

Some people put too many small items in the decorated spot. This actually decreases the effect of decoration, instead of support it. Tight decoration makes viewers tired and cannot spot the impression of the house. Therefore, the viewer cannot enjoy the artwork.


combine arts

Combine all elements

Combine all the small artworks and elements requires a good art mindset and the ability to arrange the art in the most beautiful layout. If the layout is lousily arranged, everything will become a messy pattern which devaluates the whole scene. It would be perfect if you can find someone with experience or mindset to help you.


elegant arts

Avoid Matchy-Matchy

Everyone thinks that all styles, artwork, or decorations have to be on the same color or pattern. But that is not the case in every situation. Each layout needs a center of impression. Not everything needs to match on color.



More time on browsing

Make sure you have viewed enough stories and don't miss anything. There might be some good bargain at another store, waiting for you.




Less is More

If you miss a significant artwork, with amazing and colorful patterns. Consider removing some big elements in the room. This might support highlighting the artwork and leads the viewer to the attractive artwork.



In case everything doesn’t work out and doesn’t fit at all

You can try moving the artwork to another room. If you really love it, you can repaint the wall color to support it. Change the scene and decoration of the room so it will suit the artwork. It can bring a new atmosphere and aspiration to the house even change might take a lot of time.



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