10 Extremely Easy Home & Living Decorating Tips That You Can DIY

Today we will share with you some simple ways to help you redecorate your home and living spaces. you can completely do it yourself. These below tips are completely ideas shared by professional craftsmen who spent many years of experience in decor, so you can completely trust them.

The strength of the workers is that they are well-trained, moreover, they have gone through a lot of work with the constructions, so they understand what the strengths and weaknesses of a house. From that, there they take full advantage of the strengths and complement the weaknesses, turning the weakness into something attractive spaces to everyone. Experts across the country share the most popular tips to help you improve your home and living space, assured that it won't cost you a lot of money.


1.Let's create a highlight at the main door

main door


The first impression of a house is the facade, and the center of the facade is the main door. So if you want to create a focal point, focus on the main door. Let’s choose a bright and cheerful color, such as red. Red color also symbolizes luck and excitement. The red door also symbolizes hospitality, which means "come in" also. In churches, it is a sign of the safest place to stay.

If you don't like red, you can completely choose another color such as orange or yellow, I personally prefer yellow. These two colors are similar to red, exuding friendliness, warmth and hospitality. You should also get rid of the mesh door, which is now very outdated, replace it with a full glass storm door.


2.Choose a paint color for the wall

paint wall

Some people make the mistake of choosing too prominent wall colors, choosing only light and neutral colors such as beige and gray, especially the first floor, where everything starts and is the impression of the interior or initial loss. Charles says: “You want to reduce the roughness of the transition between rooms, walls with neutral colors will help you, creating flexibility in the house, making it easy to move decorations through between rooms". If you have 2 or 3 rooms close together, painting both of them the same color will create a wide width image.  David suggests: "Look at a paint strip and move up or down a shade or two for a subtle variation from room to room".


3.Your living room – make sure everything is as close as possible

living room

Just take a moment to think that when guests come to your home and both of them want the conversation to be as intimate and intimate. So just’s arrange the furniture in the living room in the way that aims for intimacy and creates the comfortable, real feeling.

Michelle - interior designer in Philadelphia said: "Put the sofa and other furniture in the living room into a U shape with the sofa facing the other two chairs, and the table in the middle. You can sit across from each other, which is great.”

Michelle also adds, “People often make the mistake of pulling all the furniture against the wall, creating a spacious space and they think that makes the living room look larger, the air looks more airy. But actually the opposite, pulling real furniture away from the walls creates that feeling.”


4.Standing in the kitchen can also enjoy the sun


Replace the ugly partitions with a row of glass windows, it's much better. However, the window curtains should be decorated in a reasonable and elegant way to suit the texture and style of your kitchen.

Depending on the amount of sunlight your kitchen receives, choose a paint color for the room. It's best to choose a brighter color with more light, as this will make the color less likely to fade over time. The curtains should use light fabrics, creating a pleasant feeling, such as cotton, linen, silk blends.


5.Decorate the room like the ancient Pharaohs

mirror in the room

Every room needs at least one mirror, light reflectors make rooms appear brighter, but consult a professional interior designer, because if you put it in the wrong place, it will very counterproductive.

Mirrors should be placed on the wall perpendicular to the place where the light is received - the window. Mirror hanging opposite the window, the light received from nature reflects back out, so it does not have much effect.


6.Hanging pictures and works of art seems very easy


Hanging a picture or work that is too small and too high looks really weird. Let’s calculate it so that the things you hang can be at eye level.

If you have a large wall in the living room, choose one large piece as the centerpiece, followed by several small pieces. Don't choose a large piece at once. Also remember to put the photos close together, 2-4 inches is best.


7.Understand the classification of light

living room

The light in a room is divided into 3 types, which the average person rarely pays attention to when decorating the house: the overall type that provides the main light for the room comes from the lighting devices installed on the ceiling. and walls; lighting that performs a specialized task – reading lights, for example; and accent lighting, decoration, highlighting such as artwork.

So what is the formula , in particular for the living room, you should have at least 3 watts (42 lumens) per square foot. Breining light trick: put a box lamp in the corner of the house, the light bounces from the lamp to the ceiling to create a feeling of more open space.


8.Don't be afraid to change

The longer you live in the house, the more you are afraid to change, everything seems to be uncluttered anymore, but you want a little fun for your home. Hire someone to organize the house by the hour, which is quite expensive ( 50-100$ an hour depending on the level and area ). Their job is to organize and re-organize the bookshelves, wardrobes, things that people often triple the amount they should contain.

Halve what appears on the shelf, then arrange with books horizontally instead of vertically, alternating some decorations or artwork between the books.


9.Elevate the ceiling with the following tip

The white ceiling makes your room feel much more airy and less secretive. Hang the curtain higher than the window. Well, you heard it right. It really tricks the eye of the guests that they might think the room is taller than it really is. Most blinds are 84 or 96 inches, so hang them 3 inches above the door, because if the blinds are too high, it will expose the window below.

If you want to be taller, you must order separate curtains. Should try vertical striped pattern, next to a large mirror, like article 5.


10.What about old furniture?

old furniture

Some items in the room are too long. It look like an old man has arrived. Don't worry, refurbish them with a spray bottle and refurbishment kit – you should get this set. Painting a chandelier from 1980 that a friend left behind took only a few hours.

With old kitchens, refinish them with a fresh coat of paint. Or you can replace with new hardware. Your Formica countertop looks like it was 20 years ago, don't worry, now Rust-Oleum Countertop Transformations, a waterproof DIY product that mimics stone, sounds great, can variable it to the face table of the new .

Spend more time replacing old stained wall switches.


Above are 10 tips to help you improve your living space extremely easily, you and your relatives can divide the time, spend a few days DIY again. Extremely effective and brings joy to your home.


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